The British author JK Rowling (54), best known for her “Harry Potter” series, is criticized for allegedly anti-transgressive statements. Now Daniel Radcliffe (30), who made the film versions of the popular books famous, has made a public statement about the transphobia allegations.

JK Rowling posted several controversial tweets about transsexuals over the weekend. The author wrote about an article in which women were described as “men who menstruate” that there was a word for it and denigrated the English word “women” to “wumben”, “wimpund” or “woomud”. When she was criticized for this statement by transgender activists, she followed up.

Rowling tweeted, for example, that they love trans people and respect their rights. However, the biological gender is a reality. Her reasoning: “If gender is not real, there is no same-sex attraction. If gender is not real, the reality of life will be wiped out by women worldwide. ”Her life was shaped by her female identity. “It’s not hate to tell the truth.”

Daniel Radcliffe disagrees with the author. His statement was published on the homepage of the Trevor Project , an American non-profit organization that works for young people in the LGBTQ community. The actor has worked with the organization for around a decade. “Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and contradicts all advice from professional health care organizations who have far more expertise on the subject than Jo [Joanne K. Rowling, ed. Ed.] Or me, ”says Radcliffe.

The actor also apologizes to all “Harry Potter” fans who violated these comments. However, he hoped that she would neither “dirty” nor “narrow” her experience with the books. Don’t lose sight of what you’ve learned from these stories. Whatever lessons you learned from the books were between the work and the reader. And that is “sacred”. Nobody could change that.


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