All over the world, people are waiting for the development of a vaccination against the dangerous corona virus. A survey in Germany came to the conclusion that every second German citizen would be vaccinated against Corona. So it remains to be hoped that an effective vaccine will soon appear on the market.

A poll by the YouGov polling institute now wanted to know exactly and asked whether people would be vaccinated against the dangerous coronavirus if an effective vaccine were developed. It came out that every second German citizen would get vaccinated against Corona. Every fourth German would at least consider having the vaccination carried out. Only one in five Germans generally rejects vaccination. A total of 2,056 Germans were surveyed in this representative online survey. It was also found that men were more likely to be vaccinated than women.

No vaccinations against the coronavirus are available yet. However, clinical trials with various vaccines have already started in some countries. Experts anticipate that at the beginning of 2024 at the earliest a suitable vaccine will be available that is suitable for mass use. There is disagreement as to whether compulsory vaccination should be introduced to combat the coronavirus. While 44% of Germans spoke out in favor of vaccination, 40% of those questioned are against vaccination. Only recently had the German government emphasized once again that it would not want to enforce vaccination against the coronavirus.



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