Chancellor Angela Merkel announced important news about the state of the corona crisis today. The German chancellor announced today that it would cooperate internationally in the search for vaccines and medicines to combat the corona virus. But apparently, funds still need to be raised to take a giant step forward.

Angela Merkel is committed to international cooperation to contain the corona infections. The focus of the collaboration is primarily on finding medicines and vaccines against the virus. “Today, an estimated eight billion euros are still missing for the development of a vaccine,” the Chancellor said in a video speech on Saturday. The EU Commission donor conference on this topic is scheduled to take place on Monday. Merkel already agreed before the conference that Germany would “make a significant financial contribution”. However, Merkel did not give the exact amount.

The Chancellor was particularly concerned with the consequences of the pandemic. “We know that everywhere it damages our economic, social and societal life. That is why we have to work at full pressure and with great concentration to contain this virus and then defeat it by developing a vaccine. ”Merkel’s main focus is to protect human life as much as possible. “Germany is facing up to this responsibility and that is why we will also ensure that a vaccine benefits everyone once it has been developed, as well as the medication that is necessary and the diagnostic options as much as possible,” Merkel promised. The Chancellor also welcomed the formation of a large alliance of governments and private foundations that would enable both the development and manufacture of vaccines and medicines.



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