Capital: € 20 million
Age: 51
Born: April 30, 1968
Country of origin: Bolivia
Source of wealth: Entrepreneur, model, TV star, singer
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Verona Pooth, probably better known in Germany under her maiden name Verona Feldbusch, is a successful TV star, model and an entrepreneur. Verona became known in the 90s primarily through her marriage to pop titan Dieter Bohlen. The image of the gullible fool, the now very successful business woman, has, however, stripped to this day. She has been married to Franjo Pooth since 2000. In 2008, her husband’s company had to file for bankruptcy and the couple suffered a public scandal. The two have two sons in common.

Early life

At the tender age of one year, her parents, Ernst and Luisa Feldbusch moved to Hamburg with Verona and her brother. There Verona attended secondary school and at the end of the 80s left the trade and higher trade school Holzdamm, but without a degree.

She was approached by a photographer on the street at the age of 15 and has been a regular model since then. In 1990 she was approached by DJ Alexander Christensen in a nightclub whether she wanted to produce a song with him. Verona Pooth, then Feldbusch, sang as part of the Chocolate group, among others, the song “Ritmo de la Noche”. The song became a European success and was a summer hit in 1990. The chocolate formation Chocolate received a gold record for this success in 1990 and went on tour. This was also the beginning of the collaboration between Verona Pooth and her manager Alain Midic, who helped her to become even better acquainted.


Verona Pooth did not only make a name for herself as a singer. She started participating in beauty contests at home and abroad from 1989. Here she benefited from her exotic beauty. In 1990 she was voted Miss Hamburg and took second place in the Miss Germany election. In 1993 she became Miss Hamburg and Miss Germany again. She represented Germany as the beauty queen and took part in the Miss World election in Sun City in the same year. Other titles such as Miss Intercontinental World and Miss American Dream followed.

Germany-wide fame, beyond the beauty scene, but achieved through the flash wedding with Dieter Bohlen. The pop singer and the beauty from Hamburg, who was already very well known at the time, married in 1996 in Las Vegas. However, the marriage did not last long. After only a few weeks, the two separated, allegedly because of an incident of domestic violence on the part of Dieter Bohlen. The marriage divorced after about a year.

Verona Pooth, however, cleverly used the newfound awareness to secure various advertising deals. She was also able to draw attention to herself on television with her lolita-like and naive manner. She first moderated the show Peep !. Formats like Verona’s Welt, The Swan finally beautiful and Engel in action followed with Verona Pooth.

However, due to the investigation against her husband, some TV stations and advertising partners temporarily stopped working with her.

She was also seen as an actress in some feature films such as “Who loves, wings grow”, “Modern Talking” or “Marry me!” In 2005, she lent the voice of “Susi Schnatter” in the film “Heaven and Chicken” as a voice actress.

Verona Pooth is also more than successful as an entrepreneur. Together with a friend, she had been running the Immerschön boutique in Hamburg since 1990. The lingerie and jewelry line “Veronas Dreams” sold very successfully at Karstadt and in Otto-Versand. Verona Pooth launched her own cosmetic line “So… Perfect” in 2008.

“Die Pooth” is also known as an advertising face in Germany. Whether she is waiting for the igloo for the Blubb, washing her hair for Schauma or praising the retailer KIK, Verona Pooth can increase awareness and sales figures.

Career highlights

One of the highlights of her career was being awarded a gold record in 1990. But also the various titles at beauty pageants, Miss Germany 1993 or Miss American Dream 1995 were highlights in her career. In 2003 the Maxim newspaper awarded her the Women of the Year (Business Woman).

Famous quotes

“I have a strong business side.”

“We were actually all lucky that I don’t host a business show.”

“My naive way is my gap in the market.”

“I am an amusing, successful entertainment factor”

Amazing facts

With the song “Ritmo de la Noche” the Chocolate group was able to stay in the German charts for 21 weeks. The success of the song allowed a 3 year tour with appearances around the world.

Verona Pooth surprisingly stated in 1999 that they were the TV series Peep! no longer want to moderate because the show has become too pornographic for her.

The church wedding in 2005 in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna was the first wedding in 15 years there.

Verona Pooth has been an ambassador for the “German Stroke Aid” foundation since 2007.


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