Vilfand told what the weather is waiting for Russians in April

the Temperature in April in the whole territory of Russia will be near or above normal, there will be a deficit of precipitation in Transbaikalia and Buryatiya, has informed the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

According to him, in the European part of Russia in the southern half of the temperature will fluctuate around normal, and in the Northern half above normal. The weather forecaster said that the temperature above normal is expected in the Volga region, Ural Federal district, Western Siberia, Central Siberia, Chukotka and Primorye. However, in Yakutia, the Khabarovsk territory, the Amur region, the projected temperature at the normal level. Vilfand said that cold April will not be in the same region, lowering the temperature below normal is also not expected anywhere.

the Head of the hydrometeorological center said that such a strong temperature anomalies, as in the past months, in April is expected.