Violators of the quarantine regime called saboteurs and instigators

In the capital introduced strict quarantine measures and serious penalties for violation of the regime of isolation. How to treat this?

-For any sensible person it is obvious, – said the “MK” Sergei Lipov, that the pandemic coronavirus – this is war. And in war you win only thanks to a clear, coordinated actions and lightning-fast decisions. And in addition to the task to win the task to avoid or minimize possible losses. So today there are the city authorities. They took responsibility, not afraid to make decisions, clearly, are available to explain them to people, and most importantly are effective, quick, ahead of the curve.

According to Sergei Lime, “this is battle commander in war”.

-the Moscow authorities are using all available tools to prevent the spread of infection, saving lives and health of people – for this he has all the legal authority, – said Sergei Lipov. – Most of us, generals and officers who have combat experience, and we understand that one of the most important factors to overcome coronavirus is discipline. Therefore, those irresponsible citizens who ignore the regime of self-isolation, idle walking around the city, we perceive as saboteurs.

After all nobody forbids to drive to work in the clinic, to go to the grocery store or pharmacy. All say one thing: stop just hang around and hang around the city and do not endanger their loved ones and other citizens.

According to the General, unfortunately, strict measures are rarely without criticism.

-It is also a well-known category – the instigators. If they do not escalate, do not manipulate your audience, many of those who today ignores the quarantine would be sitting at home. And limitations, and the epidemic would end faster, – said Sergey Lime.