At the moment, contact with other people is only possible via social media. In times of the corona virus, it is not the worst idea to have imaginary friends. You can always meet with them, you do not have to fear infection or keep a distance. Beatrice Egli is not satisfied with just one, but has four imaginary friends. And Babsi, one of the singer’s four imaginary best friends, is now talking about marriage.

For some time now pop singer Beatrice Egli has been accompanied by 4 imaginary friends. Know the fans of the singer

“Becky”, “Bernadette”, “Beth” and “Babsi” a little longer. However, all new fans are guaranteed to be amazed at the latest video that the 31-year-old recently published on Instagram.

Because here you can see a completely redesigned Beatrice. Instead of the typical blonde hair, the “DSDS” winner wears the hair curly brown on this photo. On the video you can see the pretty Beatrice in a sexy 50ies rockabilly look with glasses. And the singer even speaks of a wedding.

Of course, the pretty Swiss girl has no wedding plans yet.

For the video, Beatrice has only slipped into the role of Babsy, who is always in love, one of the four friends who always accompany Beatrice. But what about the four girls?

The four imaginary friends usually accompany Beatrice on her current tour, which of course is paused due to the current crisis surrounding the corona virus. It is not yet clear when the tour can continue. That’s why Beatrice uses the time to keep in touch with her fans as much as possible via social media. As a result, the fans also get to know “Becky”, who identifies herself as a slightly crazy influencer. In any case, Beatrice Egli’s fans are following their idol’s jokes very carefully. And are grateful for a little variety in this difficult time.


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