Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are happy. Soon the wedding bells will ring for Germany’s polemical couple. The couple are expected to get married in the United States this summer. The couple have just signed a lucrative contract with RTL. RTL will accompany the couple with the cameras during the preparations for the wedding and also at the wedding itself. But now, in scandal in Michael Wendler’s family, preparations for the wedding are clouding.

Michael Wendler had only recently indicated that the wedding to Laura will be celebrated on a small scale. After all, the singer only wanted to celebrate with people who were really important to him and Laura. Surprisingly, your own mother does not appear to belong to this selected group. Because the Wendler broke off the contact with his mother some time ago. “He wrote to me that I died for him,” explains Michael Wendler’s mother desperately. Christine Tiggemann had previously publicly criticized Wendler’s relationship with young Laura Müller. “Laura will leave him. I think she’s reflecting on her career and at some point she won’t need it anymore, ”Michael’s mother said in an interview.

Christine Tiggeman does not expect an invitation to her son’s wedding. Tiggemann had heard of the engagement to Laura Müller from another source. “I always find out from others. I find that sad. ”Ms. Tiggemann is also skeptical about the length of the relationship between Michael Wendler and Laura Müller. Michael Wendler’s mother believes that the couple will stay together until the end of their life as good as impossible. It will be interesting to see how the family dispute develops at Wendler. Or is there still a great reconciliation before hope?



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