In the Rhineland, one pronounces the “ch” like an “sh”. This results in the sympathetic dialect, some might know of the character Of “Dennis”. Evil tongues claim that this dialect is reserved for members of lower educational strata. For me, this character is connected inseparably with my girlfriend Katharina. Catherine has almost been to all the continents, mastered the basics of photography and fulfilled all criteria of a special cosmopolitan. The singing wouldn’t be as sang in her voice betrays that she is a child of the Rhineland. I like Catherine’s bitter tongue, because it highlights the simple beauty of your soul. As she speaks, Katharina also: approachable, open, direct.

I Often can’t resist me a Grin when Catherine’s talking about. If you noticed, she tries to speak “properly”. I don’t tell her then that she needs, because I like the way she speaks. Catherine amazed, because you said that in front of me never someone. All the people around me have at least one feature that I find nice. And almost all the people around me know what I can find in them beautiful.

beauty is complex

In most cases, between the Beautiful and the Like a relationship. Apparently, we like things that we find beautiful, and things that we like, we find beautiful. A part of the things we find beautiful, is set according to the science from the beginning: symmetrical facial features, a Smile or chirping birds. However, these things can be in other situations pretty ugly: birds chirping at the Morning after a night of drinking, the Smile of the villain in the movie or the symmetrical facial features of the Real-Life-Ken’s, the countless plastic surgeries. In addition, many people find other ugly like. So there must be something of a personal sense of Beauty. At the Max-Planck-Institute in Frankfurt, the complexity, the beauty has a whole team of researchers.

On a non-scientific Terrain, the answer to the question, what is beautiful and what is not, rather, simply appears to us. Finally, the truism “beauty is in the eye of the beholder for centuries,” in all the poetry books of their mischief. In everyday life we face often situations, the sense of our precarious Beauty only too clearly. Everyone knows the fresh-in-love friend or love fresh friend, the certain things on the new Partner, which would be in a parallel universe, insignificant, beautiful find: “she always says ‘In the Morning’! This is not super sweet!?“ Yeah, it’s really super sweet.

of Course, we’ll also find everything nice, what is hyped enough, and by the majority population, as a lovely was found. Only too comprehensible, the moment of Shock appears, as Rihanna wanted to recently make thin eyebrows back en vouge.

Many people do not know what is love worth to you

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is the logical conclusion that many people do not even know what is beautiful to you. That’s why a lot of people from “unusual” and spontaneous compliments will feel once taken by surprise. This is due to the fact that spontaneous declarations of love – no matter what relationship you are to each other – have a bad reputation. Nice words to always rests the reputation to be a means to an end. In German there is the great Verb “slimed”. Many people encounter outspoken adulation, therefore, skeptical.

words of Appreciation towards our fellow human beings are few and far between in everyday life, consequently, rar. Of course, it is undeniable that the German mentality dictates, in addition, a certain amount of restraint in dealing with fellow human beings. We prefer declarations of love à-la-Sportfreunde Stiller a Enrique Iglesias. This is a feature that comes in contrast to, for example, in the Arab region, inflationary used word for treasure, “Habibi”, a refreshingly honest. Because in Arabic, everyone can be a treasure, the kiosk man, the grandma or the pet.

Sometimes, it takes a certain Situation thus emerged, which makes people at all endearing. I have a friend who drums on all sorts of things – preferably on the glass to make noises. Once when I was very stressed and suffering complained of, he knocked during the whole conversation on the standing in front of him the glass. Others would have him jumped to the throat, for me it calmed. I link the drums in my friend’s subconscious is always with his calm nature. So, I like the Rhenish dialect of my girlfriend with her direct and open way link.

There are many of such, at first, inconspicuous properties to my fellow man, to appreciate, I learned to play the character of a friend, with her hair when she speaks, the wry Smile of a friend, when he made a vile joke, and my father, who keeps to simple questions papers, every philosophy faculty. All these lovable recognise properties as such, you need to be mindful. We are usually mindful of the people we like. If we tell someone that we will find something Specific to him beautiful, it is at the same time, a concession to its importance in our lives, because why otherwise small things should stay as get stuck in your head?

It’s not always about the little things. The properties are not less lovable, if you are so inconspicuous, or the scientific view of beauty. It is important to clarify what this property is doing in our individual reality of life as valuable and indispensable. For this, we need to listen inside of us, and ask ourselves why we like a particular people. Most of the time the answer is too trivial, too simple, to tell others. Unforgettable is the note of a school child for his mother, he writes: “I love you because you make me eat and I must not die.” Between the lines we read that he loves his mother, because it gives him a sense of security.

If you keep the words true to that go through your mind when you think of a man who is someone to say what you like about him, no sucking up, but a tribute to his Person. The writer Ernest Hemingway once said that only a true sentence, is a real. And what could be more true than something that comes from the heart?

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