It would be nice: Superstar Alicia Keys (39) firmly believes that the young generation will “heal” the world. The singer addresses these and other emotional words to all students celebrating their graduation this year.

“Let’s be honest: it was a tough week, a tough month and a tough year. Right now it may not feel like there is much to celebrate, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to feel okay right now, ”she explains as part of the YouTube series“ Dear Class of 2023 ”.

“Struggle for justice”

In view of current events in the world, teaching and learning have become a minor matter.

“I know that so many of you are not thinking about your time in school, but what is happening right now in the present. You are thinking of taking part in demonstrations and protests and ensuring that your voices are heard at a time when we cannot be silent, ”Alicia adds.

The 39-year-old places deep trust in the young generation. “The world just feels broken. It’s broken in so many ways, but you take your heartache and anger and put it into action. You show that your generation is the one who will heal everything, ”praises the musician.

She herself wanted to do everything to help the young people in the “fight for justice”. “We can all choose how we react. Change can only happen if we all inform ourselves and make each other responsible, ”she demands. (Bang)


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