So far, June has disappointed German citizens quite a bit. After May spoiled large parts of Germany with summer temperatures and sunshine, the weather at the beginning of the first summer month is wet and grubby. And nothing will change for the time being. Because even at weekends, it remains wet and cool in large parts of Germany.

For the currently more than modest weather, several low pressure areas are responsible, which are located across Central Europe. These not only bring cool air to Germany but also a lot of rain. Almost nowhere in the whole of Germany there will be a lot of sunshine at the weekend. The meteorologists expect a very uncomfortable weekend in their forecasts. Because

Deep Juliane brings moist and above all cool air to Germany from the North Sea. The experts from the German Weather Service are already predicting that the intensity of the rain will decrease on Friday afternoon. But even if it stops raining, showers and thunderstorms threaten in most parts of Germany. The temperatures fluctuate between a low 11 to 18 degrees. In the German coastal areas and in western Germany, strong gusts of wind can be expected in some cases. According to “”, short tornadoes between the North Sea and Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland cannot be ruled out.

Even with the beginning of the weekend on Saturday, the dirty weather doesn’t change much. However, longer dry periods with overcast skies are also possible. Only on the Bavarian Alps could the residents see the sun. In the rest of the country there will be mostly changeable showers. There is a high probability of thunderstorms in northern Germany. Compared to Friday, the temperatures rise slightly to 13 to 18 degrees. At the edge of the Alps, where the short sun can be seen, maybe 21 degrees could be reached. Sunday also remains wet and gray in large parts of Germany. To the south of the Danube there are occasional heavy rains. In many areas there is an alternating cloudy sky. As on the previous day, rain showers and occasional thunderstorms are forecast for the north. We can only hope that the weather will improve again next week.


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