“It was a dream”

Germany has had a “Bachelor” couple for a few days. Sebastian Pannek (33), who was the Rosenkavalier in the RTL dome show in 2017, and Angelina Heger (27), who was a candidate in the “Bachelor” season from Christian Tews (39) in 2014, got married. Heger has adopted the name of her husband and father of their first child, who will soon see the light of day. On their Instagram profiles and in the stories, the couple has now revealed further details about the word in Corona times.

Angelina Pannek published a photo that shows her white, floor-length wedding dress from behind. The strap dress has a deep back neckline and a small train. “This moment […] when my husband was waiting for me at the castle […] and we saw each other for the first time,” the bride writes. It was “simply indescribable”. The groom posted the moment from his perspective. However, his reaction cannot be seen, since he is standing with his back to the camera. But the bride shines all over her face.

In several Instagram stories, they proudly announce the obvious: “Yes, we got married”. It was “very, very stressful days,” says Sebastian Pannek. They were in “constant exchange with the registry office”, “in what framework” the wedding could take place. Ultimately, only “closest family members and groomsmen […] with proper safety distance” were there. They said yes in a registry office, which is located in a castle with a castle garden.

“I felt like a princess,” enthuses the freshly baked woman Pannek. “We went to the registry office separately,” she reveals. My king “stood in front of the castle”. A picture, “I’ll never forget that”. She can no longer get out of the rapture: “It was really magical!” The day was “perfect all round”, even the weather was right. “It was a dream!”

Although it was just the civil wedding, it felt like “a mega dream wedding”, “with just a few people”. The party will be rescheduled, “probably next summer,” said Sebastian Pannek. “The big wedding is coming next year,” his wife promises.

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