The winner of the highest German computer game award 2023 is the strategy building game “Anno 1800”. In a digital gala, Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer (45, CSU) praised the work of the Mainz games manufacturer Ubisoft Blue Byte especially for the “charm of nostalgia”. The magic of the game was also present in the seventh episode after more than 20 years. In addition, the “incredible attention to detail” received special mention.

The latest version of the economic simulation was published around a year ago and continues the successful “Anno” series seamlessly. The player has to found and expand a city in times of the industrial revolution. In addition to the main prize, “Anno 1800” also won the trophy for “Best Game Design”. By the way, none other than moderator Barbara Schöneberger (46) led through the digital gala. Originally, the award ceremony was to take place in Munich’s Löwenbräukeller, but was banned due to the Corona crisis.


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