"A warning and a wake-up call"

It all started for Armin Rohde (65, "Taxi") with the shoot of the feature film "Workshop Heroes with Heart", which can be seen on May 1 at 8:15 p.m. The German actor lost 12 kg in a year. “This shoot was a warning and a wake-up call,” explains Rohde of “Bild am Sonntag”. "Because I actually had to run there. And of course I noticed how difficult it was for me. ”He had“ quite the pump ”gone.

During the shoot, Rohde was still at a "record weight of a whopping 113.7 kilos". "With a height of 1.69 meters. That means I was about 1.5 meters too short for my weight at that time, ”jokes the actor.

In the film, Rohde runs a marathon, in real life it was 13.8 kilometers. He never stopped doing sports afterwards. "My living room is my gym," he explains. "There is a rowing machine, I have a yoga mat, several dumbbells, a rosewood stick for martial arts, rubber bands, a treadmill, a bicycle and an elongated punching bag here." He was active almost every day. However, Rohde has not yet reached his dream weight of 90 kilos.

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