And suddenly everything happened very quickly

Surprising baby news at Marina Hoermanseder (34)! The Austrian designer and her partner Paul are expecting their first child. “We did not actively plan the baby, but we knew that we wanted one,” reveals the Viennese native in an interview with the news agency spot on news. “It was perfect timing for it to work so quickly.” But what does pregnancy mean for your successful label? The Berlin resident makes fashion with the look of orthopedic leather corsets and stars like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift or Kylie Jenner love them for it.

“My friend and I will support each other wherever we can and organize everything well so that we can both continue to work on our careers,” the 34-year-old is optimistic about the future. In addition, if you look at the German fashion scene in times of Corona, her pregnancy is the smallest change. “This is probably the right time for me to shift down a gear.”

Marina Hoermanseder: If I had been asked ten years ago, I would probably already have three children. But everything in life always comes a little differently than planned. We didn’t actively plan the baby, but we knew we wanted one – it was perfect timing that it would work so quickly.

Hoermanseder: Children are the future for me – I always wanted to pass on my values (but also genes)! Then of course the last few years my label came first and foremost as a big and important baby, but it was always clear that I wanted a family.

Hoermanseder: The Austrian national holiday is currently on October 26th. In some countries, however, a fixed date is not calculated at all, but a period of four weeks – I think that’s good, otherwise some parents get pressed for a certain time. We know that it will be a little girl – we would have been just as happy to have a boy, but of course the thought of dressing up my little daughter makes my heart beat faster.

Hoermanseder: I was very well from the start – I didn’t even notice anything at first. I am very grateful for that because I can continue to go full throttle – there is always a lot to do.

Hoermanseder: He was really happy – sometimes he is even a little more emotional than I am on this topic. This was never the case otherwise, since it is quite pragmatic. But since he knows that he will have a daughter, he has been taking good care of me.

Hoermanseder: You have to ask him this question. (laughs) We have been together for two years – but he also knows that I would like a lavish wedding party and would like to celebrate, so we wait until after pregnancy …

Hoermanseder: If you look at the German fashion scene right now, my pregnancy is the smallest change. I read about fashion shows without spectators, fashion week in Frankfurt … I don’t really know what is going on there, but that’s probably the right time for me to shift down a gear when birth is approaching. And then we will concentrate on our small new family – and when the cards of the German fashion circus are stable and new again, I can get involved again. We also focus heavily on the American market, I really enjoy dressing up the stars. And who knows, maybe this is a good starting point for an MH baby collection.

Hoermanseder: I’m fundamentally not a friend of reservations – I love challenges and that will certainly be one of the biggest in my life. My friend and I will support each other wherever we can and organize everything well so that we can both continue to work on our careers. In addition, our little baby will surely get used to my pace quickly.

Hoermanseder: Since we currently have our center of life and our jobs here in Berlin, we will stay here for the time being. I also got to know Berlin as a child-friendly city, it feels right to be here. Our dream of living in America at some point is still there – now as a small family. And at some point in Vienna too – I want our child to be a little Viennese too.

Hoermanseder: Fear is not a good companion. I feel very well cared for and advised in my gynecologist’s office – the only thing I hope is that there won’t be a second big wave because I really want Paul to be able to attend the birth.

Hoermanseder: I would like to have a natural birth – so I do hard-working sports to strengthen myself for this moment. But we’ll see if nature intended it for me.



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