Pop singer Beatrice Egli meets her colleague Florian Silbereisen. Because the Schlager blonde is of course part of Florian Silbereisen’s new show. And the attractive Beatrice gives fans a little foretaste of seeing Florian again.



Now numerous Schlager fans have a reason to be happy again. After many tours, concerts and TV shows had to be canceled in the past weeks, entertainer and pop singer Florian Silbereisen is finally on the air again. On Friday evening Florian makes his debut at “Welcome to SchlagerXirkus – Stars & Hits in Leipzig!”. Of course, the audience can expect top-class entertainment again. And when Flori calls for the hit stars, of course they don’t have to be asked for long. The program includes Ramon Roselly, Ross Antony, Andy Borg, Ute Freudenberg and the attractive Schlager Queen Beatrice Egli. And Beatrice gives fans a little taste of the hit party at the MDR.



With this outfit, Beatrice will not only heat up moderator Florian Silbereisen at SchlagerXirkus. Because of course Beatrice dressed up especially beautiful for her appearance in Florian’s show. And the attractive Swiss woman reveals this even before the SchlagerXirkus is broadcast. Her new photo posts on Instagram show Beatrice in a short, red summer dress with yellow flower patterns. Her chic outfit is rounded off by a striking belt and a pair of fashionable ankle boots. In this design, nothing can go wrong with Beatrice Egli’s appearance. Because her outfit brings out the crisp curves of the singer.



Since, of course, because of the corona crisis, no spectators are allowed at Florian’s show, this was already recorded under strict hygienic regulations. That is why Beatrice can say a few words to her fans before the broadcast. “I am really happy to be able to be part of the new show with @ floriansilbereisen.official, even if everything is different this time,” writes the singer on Instagram and hopes that viewers will soon be admitted to the Schlager shows: “Because one thing is missing: the studio audience. I miss you so much and can’t wait when we can finally celebrate the music and the good mood together again! ”, Beatrice is optimistic for the future.



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