Hammer photos by Beatrice Egli! The fans can hardly believe your luck! A fan summarizes this picture very well: “My dear Scholli”! Beatrice Egli shows up in a transparent blouse and the fans go crazy!

Beatrice Egli’s fans are now used to it; the pretty blonde shows herself with exciting photos – this time even in a see-through blouse – is that a step too far? The fans can hardly believe what they see! “Holly cow”! And this despite the fact that pop stars like Vanessa Mai or Michelle are known for their deep insights!

Beatrice Egli was nominated for “Best Female Act” there, but had to admit defeat to the winner Stefanie Heinzmann. But at least visually she was suspicious of the title. Is the top transparent? Looks a bit like that. In other photos, however, not at all. In this respect it is left to the imagination of the viewer.


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