The day of beer is celebrated in Germany on April 23. Admittedly, you can “drink” your partner with the right amount of beer. But the barley juice is actually a real all-rounder in beauty applications, for example as a face mask or hair treatment.

Beer consists of hops, malt, water and yeast. And this mixture contains numerous healthy ingredients. For example, the barley juice contains vitamins, which are mainly contained in the malt, which promote metabolism. The yeast adds folic column and biotin, which are necessary for cell renewal. The barley juice thus prevents premature wrinkles.

In general, the barley juice can promote smooth and non-porous skin. With a homemade face mask, you can not only relax but also do something good for your skin. An avocado, a tablespoon of vinegar, honey, jojoba oil and a teaspoon of wheat beer are necessary and the beer cream is ready, which supplies the skin with trace elements and vitamins.

The trace elements also do a lot for our hair. So you can easily make a hair conditioner with half a liter of beer and a little water. Allow it to take effect briefly and then rinse it carefully: the result can be seen after a few applications; the hair is powerful and shiny.

In some spas, it is the ultimate wellness experience: the approximately 20-minute beer bath. If a spa visit is too much of a good thing, you can alternatively pour three liters of beer into the tub during your next bath in your own four walls. By the way, additional bath salts are not necessary, because yeast and hops replace care oils and Co.

Many people suffer from brittle and brittle nails. A hand bath made from a mix of two parts of beer and one part of oil (preferably olive) and a tea bag of chamomile can work wonders. Soak your hands in it for about ten minutes. This strengthens the nails, the cuticles receive important nutrients and the stressed skin calms down. The whole thing also works as a foot bath.

Beer soap is something different, isn’t it? The production is admittedly somewhat more complex and must be carefully planned, but it is worth it. For this you need: 500 g olive oil, 300 g coconut oil and 200 g castor oil, 1 l beer (preferably a dark one with a high malt content, e.g. black beer) and 100 g NaOH (sodium hydroxide, available in the pharmacy).

The beer is heated and boiled until the liquid is reduced to about 400 g. Wait until the reduction has cooled and then put it in the freezer. Mix the oils and heat to about 40 degrees Celsius. The sodium hydroxide is mixed with the frozen beer in accordance with the safety instructions. Add the resulting sodium hydroxide solution to the oils and thicken with a mixing stick. Put everything in a mold of your choice and let it set, the beer soap is ready!


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