It is by far her most iconic scene: in 2002 the US actress Halle Berry (53) escaped the sea in sexy bikini in “James Bond 007 – Die Another Day”, later to her British colleague Pierce Brosnan (66) as a secret agent to turn her majesty’s head. So far, no one suspected that the shooting was almost a deadly drama. At that time Berry would almost have suffocated on a fig if Brosnan hadn’t saved her life.

Now the actress told the terrifying anecdote in the “Tonight Show” by Jimmy Fallon (45) in detail: “I tried to be insanely sexy and should seduce him for a scene with a fig. In the end I choked on it and he even had to do the Heimlich maneuver with me. ”She was eternally grateful to him for this life-saving action. “It was anything but sexy,” Berry laughs away the seriousness of the story.

“James Bond knows the Heimlich handle! He was there for me, he will always be one of the most important people around the world for me, ”Berry said about Brosnan today. The U.S. doctor Henry J. Heimlich (1920-2016) established the famous emergency emergency measure in the public eye in the 1970s, which still bears his name today. You grip the person who is threatened by suffocation from behind and press hard against the abdomen. This can loosen swallowed foreign objects in the airways.


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