The court approved the transfer of guardianship of the girls, five years living in the medical center

photo: screenshot of live TV channel Moscow 24

on Tuesday, March 31, the Moscow city court recognized as lawful the transfer of guardianship of a girl who spent his whole life in the medical center. This told the press Secretary of the Moscow city court Ulyana Solopova.

“the Moscow city court refused satisfaction of the appeal complaint of the Respondent on the decision of Presnensky court, which Zinkin Yuri and Tatyana Maksimova restricted the parental rights concerning her daughter,” said Solopova RIA Novosti.

the Appeal court’s decision to limit her parental rights and transfer custody of the baby to the guardianship filed by the child’s mother Tatyana Maximova.

In February, the court gave the guardianship of the girl, who is born in the Metropolitan hospital. Her parents were limited in their rights. Request for a psychiatric examination to parents and the girl were rejected.

custody of the girl will offer her grandma and grandpa. Staff of the Department of labor and social protection will try to help the child to get to the native people.

we also consider the variant in which the child may be placed in a facility of social protection. In addition, it is possible to search a temporary family who will take the girl into care.

Until the court decision entered into legal force, with a child, a psychologist who helps in more gentle and less traumatic adaptation in the new environment. The speech therapist conducts classes in speech correction.

the Girl was born in 2014 in the clinic “Mother and child” on the Sevastopol prospectus. After discharge, the mother returned the baby to a medical facility where she lived for five years. The clinic claimed that the girl was healthy, but the parents did not plan to take the child from the hospital.

Not collecting their daughter from the hospital parents have restricted the rights

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