Not a big celebration and shielded from friends and family: birthday children don’t have it easy in Corona times. Actress Wolke Hegenbarth still didn’t miss her 40th birthday and was able to enjoy her special day, as she reveals on Instagram with a series of photos.

“Cloud is now running in the 4.0 version, the best there is so far – the latest version!” Hegenbarth writes in the post, making it clear that the 4 in front does not bother her. She was particularly happy about a painted portrait picture of her neighbor boy, continues Hegenbarth and posted the colorful birthday picture. She also thanks everyone, “who made the 50 (!) Minute video with birthday wishes possible in this special time, her great friends.” A cake, a bouquet and a “birthday style mask” completed the day.

In a birthday interview with the “Bild” newspaper , Hegenbarth had already indicated that she had been preparing for a birthday without a big party for weeks and only with her partner, son Avi (born September 2019) and her parents: “We’ll get it next year after the 41st. Honestly: I find the postponed wedding more serious, birthday is anyway every year. ”

Hegenbarth and her partner Oliver Vaid, who have been engaged since the beginning of March, are planning a big Indian wedding. “Oliver is half Indian and has a large family. 400 guests come together quickly, ”the actress explained in an interview with spot on news in mid-April. “We were also together at a multi-day Indian wedding. They are just the way I like them: colorful, loud, crazy, chaotic, lots of people and beautiful at the same time. ”


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