What are the economic consequences of the corona crisis for Germany? The entrepreneur and “Die Höhle der Löwen” star, Carsten Maschmeyer (60, “Selfmade”), has a terrifying answer to this question. “We all have to realize that we are heading for a catastrophe,” Maschmeyer explains in an interview with the “Bild” .

In the interview, Maschmeyer speaks of an extent “how we cannot really imagine it at all”. Of course, people would have to survive, but after all, you still need money to survive after the crisis. He explains: “I am afraid that after the corona virus we will get a bankruptcy and unemployment virus.”

The entrepreneur warns of a huge recession. He estimates that every fifth small café, pub or restaurant will not make the “comeback” and “that half of all start-ups will disappear, that a quarter of the small businesses on the market that large corporations will win” will disappear.

“You have to do everything to ensure that Corona destroys our today, but not our tomorrow,” appeals Maschmeyer. The investor explains that the start-ups are particularly bad because they are not profitable and invest everything in technology, research and the like. Many investors failed and therefore the funding was lacking. “We are destroying the future here and it would be good if the start-ups could be helped even more” than is currently the case.


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