Capital: € 6 million
Age: 46
Born: May 20, 1973
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Comedy
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Kaya Yanar is a German comedian with Turkish-Arabic roots. He is best known for his ethnobased sketches, in which he takes up socially and culturally difficult issues in a humorous way.

Early life

Kaya Yanar was born on May 20th, 1973 in Frankfurt am Main. At that time, Kaya’s Turkish-Arabic parents immigrated from the Turkish city of Atakya to Germany. Kaya Yanar grew up in Maintal in the Dörnigheim district. Today’s comedian was brought up liberally in his childhood. With his older brother, he attended Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium in Frankfurt am Main. Despite the fact that his mother belonged to Islam and his father was an atheist, he was allowed to take religious lessons at school. Yanar’s parents separated and Kaya took turns living with mother and father.

After graduating from high school in 1993, he began studying philosophy, phonetics and American politics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, which he never completed. In addition to his studies, Kaya Yanar kept himself afloat with various side jobs. Among other things, he worked as an animator, which gave him rediscovered his passion for the stage – in his childhood he was already very interested in theater and art, which, however, faded over the years. After rediscovering his passion for the stage through his job as an animator, he started performing several skits at the Cologne Comedy Cup in 1999.


After his great success with his first own TV show “What are you watching ?!” Kaya Yanar went on tour, which was recorded on CD and released in 2003 under the title “World Tour through Germany”. This was followed by many other appearances and shows, such as a program on ZDF called “Kaya Yanar tests Germany”, which was broadcast in 2007 as part of a theme week all about integration background. In the same year Yanar performed live on stage for “Made in Germany”. With “Live and uncensored” in the same year, “freak out for beginners” in 2008 and “all inclusive!” further successful live programs followed in 2011. In 2008, Yanar also cast his first film role as Adi in the comedy “Dekker & Adi – Wer brastst los”.

In 2011 Yanar also published his first book “Made in Germany” at Heyne Verlag, in which he slipped into the roles of the fictional characters Hakan, Ranjid and Francesco. Also in 2011, Kaya Yanar and Paul Panzer appeared on the show “Stars at Work” on RTL, where celebrities were given the job of unfamiliar jobs. This was followed by many other appearances and TV shows such as the “Kaya Show” in 2012.

Career highlights

Through his appearances at the Cologne Comedy Cup in 1999, Yanar first attracted attention, which convinced him and led to his first own TV show: with the successful format “What are you watching ?!” Kaya Yanar made his breakthrough on Sat.1 in 2001. The multi-award-winning program caused a new stir on German television and Yanar was able to demonstrate his versatility for the first time because he alternately played the roles of Hakan, Ranjid and Francesco convincingly in his sketches. Yanar suddenly became well known and popular among his viewers. After his breakthrough and several tour appearances, several awards followed in 2001: Kayar Yanar was presented with three awards in one year with the German Television Award, the German Comedy Award and the Golden Romy. In 2009, Yanar was also able to receive the gold record for the DVD “Made in Germany – Live” belonging to his live program.

Famous quotes

The fact that most of Kaya Yanar’s quotes are of a funny nature allows for a large number of quotes that have accumulated over the years. But the star comedian can also be serious. In an interview with Spiegel Online, he said the following: “My comedy program is a thank you to the Germans”. Kayar would like to thank him for his integration as a German Turk.

Amazing facts

Kaya Yanar reserves the right to keep his private life secret. One of the few details that leaked to the public is his relationship with his comedian colleague Mirja Boes at the time, but it broke up. In addition, the native of Frankfurt has lived in Switzerland since 2012, where he moved with his long-time girlfriend and today’s wife. Neither her name nor a photo of her has appeared in the media so far. It is also believed that Yanar has no children yet.

In addition to his creative and rather funny work as a comedian, which he still pursues today, Yanar is actively involved in animal welfare. Among other things, he has participated in campaigns against fur and enjoys a vegan and vegetarian diet. Kaya Yanar is also committed to his fellow human beings and has donated to children’s homes and Amnesty International. Through his services to the understanding of peoples, Kaya Yanar was also awarded the grounds of palm trees.


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