This is great news and great numbers! Corona numbers in Germany continue to decline – in all areas! We are even falling to the lowest level since March!

These numbers give great hope! The number of new infections decreased to 1,228 daily on a 7-day average until Saturday evening – the change in the death toll is particularly drastic; yesterday the number of reported deaths dropped to 74! Well below 100 and the lowest value since the end of March! So far, a total of 6,898 people in Germany have died from the infection. Now these figures give hope – also in view of the talks on May 6th!

When asked by the state governments, the number of newly infected people also fell. By Saturday evening 165,531 people in Germany had tested positive for the corona virus. However, over 133,000 of them have already recovered, the number of active infections fell by 2.8 percent compared to the previous day to 25,385 – the lowest value since March 22.



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