A walker in Freistadt (Austria) would have loved to do without this terrible find. Because on Friday evening the man found the body of a baby floating in a fishing pond. According to the police, the baby was apparently already viable. Now the police are looking for the child's mother.

The body of the newborn girl had been discovered by a 40-year-old walker because the body floated on the surface of the water. The prosecutor ordered an immediate autopsy of the body after the terrible find. Initial investigations indicated that the baby's body was deposited in the fishing pond immediately after birth. So far, however, it is not certain whether the baby was alive before or was already left dead. The place of discovery is in the immediate vicinity of the Czech border. The “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten” first reported on this macabre case. The investigating officers found the umbilical cord on the girl's body, which had been severed but not cut. While the police have already started searching for the mother, the emergency services are also looking for witnesses who might have observed something near the pond behind the local brewery.



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