Since episode one of the second “The Masked Singer” season, the chameleon has caused plenty of speculation. Is it or is it not? Yesterday, Tuesday, the boldest guesswork of many fanatics fans should come true: Comedian legend Dieter Hallervordern (85, “Didi at full speed”) was actually under the dazzling costume. The fact that his “unmistakable” voice and his “way of dancing” betrayed him do not bother him. On the contrary: “I would have been disappointed if people hadn’t come up to me,” he said in an interview after he left the company.

Why did Hallervorden take part in the ProSieben show? For one thing, his wife, Elena Blume, would have recommended the program to him. “But that’s good! There you experience something that you may only experience once in your life, ”the actor quoted his loved one. But he also wanted to face the challenge. He is satisfied with the result: “I am proud to have made it to the semi-finals at all. It was a lot of fun for me. But when it’s most beautiful, you should break up. ”

The entertainer looks back with a laugh. What he enjoyed most was “that people thought it was Roberto Blanco, or Michael Kessler or Ingo Appelt”. When the rate team, consisting of Ruth Moschner (44), Rea Garvey (46) and Conchita Wurst (31) made their assumptions on yesterday’s show, Hallervorden “could have managed a bit” under his chameleon mask.

Of course, the actor also has favorites for the “The Masked Singer” victory next week. “I’m a huge fan of the kite,” he said. “But of course I know that he has very strong competition from the sloth.” He was impressed by these two characters from the start.

The rate team most recently suspected Gregor Meyle (41) or Henning Baum (47) under the dragon costume. Meanwhile, Álvaro Soler (29), Tom Beck (42) and Stefan Raab (53) are said to be hiding behind the sloth. Also in the race for the title: the bumblebee and the rabbit. Here the rate team predicts Wincent Weiss (27), Daniele Negroni (24) or Mike Singer (20). The last woman in the race, however, could be Enie van de Meiklokjes (45), Martina Hill (45) or Sonya Kraus (46).


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