At Ford plant in Michigan

The world has been shaking its head collectively for days and weeks: US President Donald Trump (73) has so far refused to wear a mask during all public appearances, despite the lack of a safe distance. He recently told the press that it does not match his self-image as president of a world power. He also disregards the White House's internal guidelines. Now, however, secretly made recordings prove the opposite: Trump wore mouth-nose protection, even one that was obviously made especially for him.

Among other things, the "Daily Mail" spread secretly taken pictures of Trump, which show him on a tour of a Ford plant in Michigan. He wears a dark blue mask with the official POTUS logo including the coat of arms of the President of the United States, as does his entire staff. According to the reports, however, Trump removed the protection shortly before the press date.

In the US state of Michigan, too, it is currently mandatory to wear a mask on such occasions. This was also explicitly pointed out by the Minister of Justice there, Dana Nessel (51) in an open letter. After the visit, Nessel had announced that Trump had refused the recommendation despite multiple requests to wear a mask. Nessel explains this by saying that Trump doesn't care about people's security.



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