World voenprom switched to the release of weapons against COVID-19

One of his first military enterprise for the production of antiseptic, protective suits and masks repurpose the Iranian authorities. In this country, has become a major hotbed of coronavirus in the middle East, the military was instructed to follow the instructions of doctors.

the Next in line was Italy. March 6, manufacturer of artificial lung ventilation (ALV) Siare Engineering International Group received a large order from the government of Italy, and along with the help from military engineers and companies of the Italian defense industry.

Convert military industry to “medical track” were forced and the USA. 18 Mar President Donald trump has entered into force the Law on defence industry, in which military enterprises should pereyti on the production of medical devices.

This law was developed in 1950 year and was initially focused on the realities of war in Korea and a possible war with the Soviet Union. However, the extraordinary growth in the number of cases (for this indicator, the USA is ahead of all other countries) forced the American government to go to extremes and to remember the law of “cold” war.

According to this law, the US Federal government now has the right to require any business to accept contracts or orders in the interest of national defense. The law also gives the President broad powers in respect of requisitioning of property, settlement of any labour relations and trade disputes, in order to produce the resources necessary for purposes of national defense.

on Friday, March 27, trump confirmed that enacted the Law on military production, in particular affecting the largest industrial giant of the country – General Motors.

“This call for the implementation of the law must clearly demonstrate to everyone that we will not hesitate to use all the powers of the Federal government to combat this crisis… We will work in partnership with the private sector, but where there is an emergency and (where) full-timeü it is important that we quickly come to practical result, we will do what we must immediately use all available legal powers to get the work done,” said trump.

the Russian defense enterprises have also begun to develop personal protective equipment, and medical equipment. One of the largest enterprises of the state Corporation, which produces, for example, “Shells” and “Iskander” already started developing rapid tests for the diagnosis of patients with coronavirus and also set up the newest protective suit.

And manufacturers of opto-electronic sights, and airborne electronic warfare systems has received the order of 12.5 billion roubles for the release of medical equipment to combat COVID-19.