Severe explosion in the city of Hanover in Lower Saxony. For an unknown cause, there was an explosion in one of the apartments of an apartment building. A total of 8 people were injured in the subsequent fire. One of the injured suffered severe burns.

The dramatic incident occurred in the List district on Wednesday evening at around 9 p.m. There the people were startled by the loud bang of the explosion. Immediately after the explosion, flames broke out of an apartment on the first floor. The immediately informed fire department was at the scene of the accident within a few minutes. First, the members of the fire department found a man with severe burns who had apparently dragged himself out of the burning house alone. In the following minutes, the rescue workers were able to bring a total of 11 people, including 5 children, to safety from the flames using the aerial ladder.

So far, the emergency services have not been able to provide any information about how exactly the severe explosion that triggered the subsequent fire occurred. In addition to the man with serious burn injuries, 7 other people were injured. These people all had to be treated for smoke poisoning. Due to the explosion and the fire, the affected apartment building will no longer be habitable.


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