Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are just getting used to their new home in California. But the prominent couple will still not be quiet. While the couple are said to be working on an autobiography that will be released in the summer, Meghan in particular is now facing adversity from other sides. Because a writer is already working on a revelation book about Harry and Meghan. The author receives energetic support from Meghan’s family.

The couple recently announced that a book will be published in the summer, which was written with the help of Meghan and Harry. The book is said to be entitled “Finding Freedom”. In this book, Meghan and Harry want to give an insight into the life behind the palace walls and report how exactly the much-discussed “Megxit” really happened. But now the couple have to digest a shock themselves! Now it has been revealed that another book will also appear this year, in which the roles of Meghan and Harry are guaranteed to be less flattering.

As the British daily “Daily Mail” reports, aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell is already working on a book for which she has chosen the title “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story”. The author supposedly wants to unpack regardless of losses over Harry and Meghan. As has now become known, the royale expert has already secured the help of Meghan’s hated family. Because in the past, Meghan’s father Thomas and Meghan’s half-siblings had liked to regularly bring about their famous family member. A couple of new and scandalous allegations are likely to come to the couple. The only question that remains is which of the books will have the greatest success among readers.



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