The sparrows have been whistling from the roofs for a long time. Now it has finally happened. Singer Michael Wendler and his young girlfriend Laura Müller have officially got engaged. But instead of peace, joy, pancakes there is now Zoff. Because Michael Wendler’s mother is pissed that she had to find out about her son’s engagement through third parties.

At the moment Christine Tiggemann is not very good to talk to her son Michael Wendler. This week her son finally made a marriage proposal to his young friend Laura. But apparently Michael Wendler did not consider it necessary to personally inform his mother about this important decision.

It is therefore understandable that Christine is disappointed with her son’s behavior. “He didn’t tell me,” explains the pensioner at RTL. For them, it is sad to hear such important news from third parties.

The relationship between Michael Wendler and his mother Christine has been tense since January. At that time, the two had argued about WhatsApp, which prompted Michael Wendler to break off contact with his mother. The latter had publicly drawn on the young Laura Müller. And Mama Wendler’s views apparently haven’t changed much even after her son’s engagement. “In the beginning everything is still beautiful, freshly in love,” believes Christine Tiggemann. However, she does not believe that the two lovebirds will stay together for a long time. “If she makes the big money, I don’t know, I don’t give a guarantee,” she doubts about Laura’s intentions.

It will be interesting to see whether mother and son will reconcile with each other before the wedding.


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