Academy Award winner Tom Hanks (63, “Cast Away”) has made a remarkable pen pal. The actor replied to an eight-year-old Australian boy who had written to him during his Covid 19 quarantine period there. The special thing about it: his new friend himself goes by the name Corona. As the Australian TV channel “9News” reports , Corona first contacted Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson (63): “I heard in the news that you caught the coronavirus. Are you fine?”

Corona also wrote that although he loved his name, he was currently being teased and derogatedly called Coronavirus at school: “I get very sad and angry when people say this to me.” Now Hanks replied the boy with an emotional letter. “To my friend Corona,” the actor starts his text, “your letter made my wife and I very happy! Thank you for being such a great friend – friends build their friends when they’re not doing so well. ”

Corona was the only person he knew who had this extraordinary name, it was something very special: “Like a crown.” That’s why he gave him his typewriter, which happens to be of the Corona type : “I think this typewriter fits to you. ”During his time in Australia, Hanks wrote on this device and after his recovery from Covid-19 took it to the United States. So now it’s back on the Gold Coast: “Just ask an adult how it works and use it to write me back.”


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