So far there is no vaccine against the dangerous coronavirus. Nevertheless, Germany and three other EU countries have already made provisions and secured the production of 300 million vaccine doses. With this measure, the vaccine could at best be completely produced by the end of the year.

Germany has formed a vaccination alliance with France, Italy and the Netherlands. These four countries are in negotiations with several companies that should produce as many vaccine doses as possible for these countries as quickly as possible. The first contract for 300 million vaccine doses has now been legally concluded. This message was dated

Federal Ministry of Health confirmed in Berlin on Saturday. There, one is confident that, at best, the production of the impdoses will have been completed by the end of this year. The vaccine alliance has the pharmaceutical company as a contractual partner

AstraZeneca selected. All EU countries participating in the project should benefit from the contract with the company. After production, the vaccine doses should then be divided up in relation to the population size of the participating countries.

This European vaccine alliance is primarily about securing capacities for the production of a vaccine. Because numerous countries have already signed contracts with various pharmaceutical companies. “Many countries in the world have already secured vaccines, but Europe has not. The rapid, coordinated action of a group of member states creates added value for all EU citizens in this crisis. Together with the Commission, we want to become even faster and more negotiating in the future, ”said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn. The aim of the participating countries is to start mass production as soon as possible after the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus. “In order for vaccines to be available in large numbers very quickly following a possible approval this year or next, production capacities must already be secured by contract,” Spahn confirmed. The EU Health Ministers have decided to hand over the activities of the Vaccination Alliance to the responsibility of the EU Commission.



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