The pandemic surrounding the coronavirus has given our planet a little break. Almost everywhere in the world, factories have been temporarily closed, air traffic is practically suspended, and other projects that are harmful to the planet are also standing still. In some places around the world, amazing changes could be observed in just a few days, such as clear water in the Venice lagoon or smog-free skies over the Chinese industrial sites. So environmental activist Greta Thunberg should be happy. But Grete is now even more worried about our planet.

The environmental activist reported and wrote there on Monday: “The coronavirus pandemic will probably be followed by even more deadly and destructive outbreaks if its root cause – the rampant destruction of the natural world – is not quickly stopped, warn the world’s leading experts on biodiversity. “Here Thunberg shares a section from a newspaper article in the British daily Guardian. In this article, only one species is to blame for the corona virus. And that is logically the man himself.


“The rampant deforestation, the uncontrolled expansion of agriculture, the intensive use of agriculture, mining and the development of the infrastructure as well as the exploitation of wild species have created a ‘perfect storm’ for the spread of diseases” wrote the scientist Dr. Peter Daszak in this article.

And apparently, the scientists see further pandemics coming towards humanity in the next few years if a drastic rethink does not start immediately. “Future pandemics are likely to be more common, spread faster, have greater economic impact, and kill more people unless we are extremely careful about the possible impact of the decisions we make today. Human health is closely linked to the health of wild animals, the health of farm animals and the health of the environment. It’s actually health, ”Paszak writes. The experts therefore recommend increasing observation programs and health services around the world. An investment that will be very expensive, but abandoning this investment could have catastrophic consequences in the future.


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