Jan Fedder died in late 2019

Today’s episode “Absolute Beginners” (4.5., 18:50, the first) of the TV series “Großstadtrevier” (since 1986) shows, among other things, the post-shooting scenes with which the team says goodbye to Police Commissioner Dirk Matthies: Im Police Commissioner 14 shows a letter to police officer Ms. Küppers (Saskia Fischer): “For Ms. Küppers by Dirk Matthies” it says. However, it is only opened at the end of the otherwise exciting episode with slight borrowing from Alfred Hitchcock’s (1899-1980) “Window to the Courtyard” (1954).

The last three minutes of the episode belong to actor Jan Fedder (1955-2019): Ms. Küppers opens the envelope. Inside is a letter and Matthies’ police ID. “I’ve been on duty as a police officer for almost 30 years. Now is the end! “, Begins the writing. “No tears, just keep going as before,” Matthies also asks his colleagues. Hamburg needs it “and I now need ‘LaPaloma'”. Then Jan Fedder sings his version of “La Paloma ohe – it will be over one day …” – goosebumps alarm and all in all a must for Fedder fans!

And what happens to the “big city district” after the Jan Fedder era? “We will continue as you wished, but we will miss you,” says the end credits of the episode, lovingly designed with some old scenes.

Jan Fedder died on December 30, 2019 at the age of 64 in his Hamburg apartment. With great sympathy from the population, the funeral service personally planned by Fedder during his lifetime took place on January 14, 2022, his 65th birthday, in Hamburg’s Michel. Then there was a funeral convoy through St. Pauli’s streets. Two days later the Hamburg artist was buried in the closest family and friends in the Ohlsdorf cemetery.

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