Capital: € 55 million
Age: 63
Born: July 13, 1956
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Moderator
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Günther Jauch is a German moderator and journalist.

Early life

Günther Johannes Jauch was born in Münster and grew up in the city of North Rhine-Westphalia for the first three years of his life. The Jauch family later moved to Berlin in the residential district of Lichterfelde-West. Günther Jauch was involved in the church in his youth and was an altar boy in the parish of Lichterfelde in Berlin for seven years. After graduating from high school, he studied law in Berlin. At the same time, Jauch applied to the German School of Journalism in Munich. He was accepted and consequently dropped out of law school in 1975 and moved to the journalism school in Munich.


After successfully completing the journalism school in 1977, Jauch then worked as a sports moderator for the radio of the Bavarian Radio. At the same time he studied politics and modern history at the university in Munich. Jauch gave up his studies because he was unable to work for the Bavarian Radio. Together with the moderator Thomas Gottschalk he moderated a radio show on Bavaria 3 from 1985 to 1989 with great success. At the age of 29 he switched to the television business. Günther Jauch moderated various concepts such as “Tell the Truth” on channels such as ZDF or SDR. He moderated “Das current Sportstudio” for the first time in 1988 at ZDF. Two years later, the native of Münster switched to the private broadcaster RTL. Since then, Jauch has moderated various formats – from quizzes to sports programs. In 2002 Günther Jauch also founded his own production company “i & u TV”. This produced, among other things, “Stern TV”, which Jauch also moderated for years, as well as other TV formats such as the “70s Show” on RTL. In the meantime, the moderator also worked for the public broadcaster ARD, where he hosted a Sunday evening talk show. In later years Jauch again worked increasingly for RTL productions such as in the successful show “Die 2 – Gottschalk & Jauch gegen alle”. In this Günther Jauch and his old companion Thomas Gottschalk compete against studio guests.

Career highlights

After moving to RTL, Jauch’s career picked up speed. He moderated the well-known television magazine “Stern TV” a total of 891 times. In 1998, Jauch and Marcel Reif won the Bavarian TV Award for their host of the Champions League game Real Madrid against Borussia Dortmund. The moderation of the successful quiz show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, Which has been broadcast on RTL since 1999 and continues to this day, has made Jauch a big audience favorite. For a program, a celebrity special from “Wer wird Millionär”, Jauch received the German TV Award in 2006 in the category “Best entertainment program”.

Famous quotes

“Knowledge only becomes education through the personality of a person. Education is connected with learning, which takes time and nerves, but you know what: Education can make you very happy and relaxed. ”

“There is nothing more democratic than a TV. You can switch on, switch over and switch off. ”

“If you don’t act like a firecracker, the public is not so tired.”

“Education cannot be downloaded.”

“How long will viewers want to see ‘Who will be a millionaire’? We still have quotas that others dream of. If you compare it with an airplane, we are ten thousand feet above the clouds, our tanks are full of kerosene and the journey is far from over. Maybe there will even be a 1,000 consignment at some point. ”

Amazing facts

Günther Jauch protects his private life and lives very secluded. He is socially committed and has given numerous support in his adopted home of Potsdam to finance many projects, for example the renovation of the Neptune Grotto in the Sanssouci Palace Park or the financing of the reconstruction of the Fortuna Portal at the Potsdam City Palace. The successful moderator also owns wineries and continues a family tradition. The hallmark of Jauch’s moderations is that he interviews his guests almost without exception – with the exception of Thomas Gottschalk and children – and vice versa.


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