Capital: € 15 million
Age: 41
Born: 13/01/1979
Country of origin: Schwalmtal-Waldniel
Source of wealth: Moderator, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2023

Short introduction

Joachim Winterscheidt is probably best known to the public as “Joko” and part of the comic duo “Joko and Klaas” by Pro7. For many years, the duo has had millions of viewers in various formats on various channels.
The most famous are the programs “Cicus Halli Galli” and “The Duel Around the World”.

However, Joko Winterscheidt has also been an investor for many years, mostly very successfully. Mainly in aspiring start-ups, but also in own projects.

Early life

Joachim “Joko” Winterscheidt grew up near Mönchengladbach in Schwalmtal-Waldniel. After graduating from high school, he began an apprenticeship as an advertising clerk, but did not complete it. Instead, he started an internship at a production company, which then continued to work as a volunteer and then as an editor. Through this position, Winterscheidt had contact with the TV world for the first time. So it happened that in 2005 he finally took part in a casting of the music channel MTV and was accepted into the moderator pool. In the following years he moderated various formats. Among other things also “The Dome” and the “Echo”. Since 2009, however, Joko has mostly been seen as part of the duo “Joko and Klaas” alongside Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. The duo has been moderating a variety of programs on Pro7 for several years, but was previously also active on ZDFneo and MTV. In addition to the joint programs, the two can also be seen on TV as advertising faces for well-known brands such as Apple, the Sparkasse and “Die Limo”.
Joko has had a private relationship for many years and has a daughter.


At first glance, Joko Winterscheidt’s career is very impressive. He worked his way up from intern to national star with diligence and perseverance. He has regularly shown that he is ready to go across borders and give everything for a program or a product. In addition to his TV career, in which he moderated the largest and most popular programs and was also active in some films as an actor, he is also very successful as an entrepreneur.

Already in 2009 he founded the fashion label “German Garment” with some partners, including actor Matthias Schweighöfer.

Over the years, numerous other companies such as a gin brand and their own TV production company were added. Winterscheidt also invests in aspiring start-ups. The sock brand “Von Jungfeld” and the app “Go Butler” are just a few examples. However, he had to take huge losses with “Go Butler”, since the expansion into the USA was probably too early and the company got into a difficult situation. But even with setbacks like this, Joko won’t let you down, but stays happy and positive in the usual manner.

Career highlights

2005 engagement as moderator at MTV
2008-2010 moderator at “The Dome”
March 2014 Grimme Prize for the show “Circus Halli Galli”
2014, 2016, 2017 award of the German TV Award

Famous quotes

“There is no one way. You have to be open. The best ideas and stories often come from absurd decisions. And the best memories often start with a special moment. ”

“Sure you have days when you think: ‘I’m really not in the mood’ – everyone has that. I think that’s part of it. If you don’t have that, you don’t have a corrective, so you ask yourself: What do I have to do differently so that it gets better again? ”

“If the gut man in a world of rational thinking is the fool in doubt, then I am the fool. But that doesn’t bother me at all. ”

“I don’t have a master plan for my life. Everything happened this way. ”

The quotes clearly show what attitude Winterscheidt has to life in general, but also to his career.
You can’t always plan everything perfectly beforehand, so you also have to maintain a certain serenity and spontaneity so that you are open to opportunities. It is important to remain true to yourself and not to pretend otherwise you will sooner or later reach your limits.

Amazing facts

Joko Winterscheidt is not just a successful moderator and investor. He has also been involved in numerous charity projects for many years and uses his reputation to draw attention to grievances. He particularly campaigns against discrimination against minorities and racism. Both in the media and away from it, Joko always remains true to itself. He does what he thinks is right in the situation.

Contrary to years of claims, Joko Winterscheidt has no middle name. The name “Cornelius”, which had been in the room for many years, was invented completely by him and Klaas, as Winterscheidt himself clarified in an interview.


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