You just want to forget the stressful everyday life and enjoy the time? Then it is advisable to buy a hammock for the garden because on such a hammock you will definitely enjoy every minute and get back to everyday life with freshly soaked sun.In this article, we dedicate ourselves to the best hammocks for the garden, recommend the smoothest and most comfortable outdoor hammocks and answer any questions you may have.

The 11 best hammocks for the garden at a glance:

Traffic light 24
Traffic light 24 Aruba outdoor hammock with frame
Ampel 24 Outdoor Hängematte Aruba mit Gestell Mauritius 310 cm braun und Sicherung, Hängemattengestell Holz wetterfest, Stabhängematte gepolstert grau


Setting up the Aruba hammock with frame is quick and easy thanks to the included tools. Whether sun or shade – enjoy your day carefree outdoors. The safety ropes are used to prevent tipping over and the hammock will not slip away, so your safety on the hammock is ensured.
The frame is made of high-quality, Siberian larch wood, and the hammock is made of cotton. The frame has the dimensions 310 x 120 x 120 cm (length x width x height) and weighs approx. 23 kg. Easy dismantling is guaranteed by loosening a few screws, so that the frame can be stowed better.

With a load capacity of 150 kilos and a lying surface of 200 cm length x 120 cm width, the hammock is perfectly suitable for two light people or one person with a child.

The scope of delivery of the hammock not only includes the frame and the hammock, but also tools, securing, instructions and fastening material are included.

Store the hammock in a dry, closed room when not in use. It should also be noted that the hammock can only be hand washed due to the spreader bar.

We like the design of the hammock, but the simple assembly and disassembly are further arguments for the hammock.

Buyers also praised the safety of the safety ropes against tipping.




  • hand washable only


Jalano hammock with frame made of weatherproof larch wood
Jalano Hängematte mit Gestell aus wetterfestem Lärchenholz und Liegefläche aus 100% Baumwolle, Stabhängematte weiß 200x120 cm Liegefläche


The chains on both ends of the hammock by Jalano allow a secure hold and the high stability thanks to the two extra-wide feet ensures additional safety.

The larch wood frame and rustproof fittings guarantee a long service life. It is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble the hammock so that you can easily store and transport the individual parts.

The wooden frame is weatherproof and the hammock is washable. In addition, the hammock is made of 100% cotton, together with the optimal lying comfort, fantastic relaxation is guaranteed.

The installation dimensions are approx. 400 x 120 x 128 cm (length x width x height) and the dimensions of the lying surface are approx. 200 x 120 cm (L x W). Together with the maximum load capacity of 180 kilos, this hammock can also be enjoyed and dreamed very well by two people.

The scope of delivery includes the hammock with frame, chain and carabiners.

In addition to the design of the hammock, we also like the large area in which you can lie down and leave the stressful everyday life behind.

Customers also praised the material used and the high stability of the hammock.


  • High stability
  • Easy and quick installation
  • 100% cotton hammock
  • Wooden frame weatherproof


  • Not always available


Fatboy® Headdemock hammock
Fatboy Headdemock Hängematte | Hängematte für Zwei mit Gestell | Outdoor geeignet für Garten & Terrasse | 270 x 138 cm (Grau)


The Headdemock hammock by Fatboy offers luxurious lying comfort for one or two people and is an elegant lounge hammock with frame. The hammock is made from sustainable and high quality materials.

The frame is made of metal and rubber and has the dimensions of 330 x 135 x 110 cm (L x W x H). The water-repellent and UV-resistant Sunbrella fabric guarantees a long service life.

The cuddly and soft filling of the hammock consists of 100% polyester fiberfill. Due to the robust material of the hammock, it is perfect for outdoors, such as in the garden.
Whether on the terrace, on the campsite or in the garden – satisfaction and relaxation are guaranteed with this hammock.

The frame can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps and accommodated in a space-saving manner. When it gets cold you can stow the hammock very simply and compactly.

You can also protect the beach towel against all dirt and rain in the included carrying bag.

The maximum load capacity of the hammock is 150 kilos and the hammock is water and dirt repellent.

We like the hammock by Fatboy because of the comfortable lying comfort and the cozy filling. Unfortunately, the price of this hammock is much higher than other hammocks.

Customers also praised the material used and the long life of the hammock. The quick and easy assembly and disassembly and the easy maintenance and cleaning were further purchase criteria.


  • Cuddly and soft filling.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Water repellent
  • Dirt resistant


  • Not cheap


Anyoo cotton hammock with rod
Anyoo Hängematte aus Baumwolle mit Stab Tragbar Kompakt Gestreift Single Outdoor Garten Patio Hängematte Belastbarkeit bis 200 kg


The hammock by Anyoo is made of high-density cotton fabric and has a maximum load of up to 200 kg. The 22 cotton ropes connect the fixed spreader bars and guarantee safety and protection.

The hammock is perfect for all friends of the sun. Thanks to the spreader bars, the hammock’s fabric does not shade the person in the hammock when the fabric is opened. The following applies: the tighter you pull the hammock with the spreader bars, the higher the lying comfort.

The lying area of the hammock is 200 x 160 cm (length x width), the total length of the hammock is 290 cm.

The hammock comes with a free carry bag for easy travel. The tote bag can be easily folded into a compact size, a bag with a drawstring is also included with the tote bag, so that you can also use the tote bag as a backpack.

The hammock has a total weight of 2.45 kg, making it very easy to transport.

Furthermore, the hammock is very easy to set up. Setup takes only a few seconds. Thanks to the two carabiners supplied and two wide nylon straps with steel rings, you can easily attach the hammock to a tree or to a hammock stand.

In addition to the hammock, a bag with a drawstring, two carabiners and two wide nylon straps are also included.

We like the hammock by Anyoo because of the low price, but the material used is also a key purchase criterion.

Buyers also praised the low overall weight of the hammock and the short time it took to set up the hammock.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High lying comfort
  • Very inexpensive


  • Not always available


Pinczo outdoor hammock with frame for 2 people
Pinczo Outdoor Hängematte mit Gestell für 2 Personen I Baumwolle Hängematte XXL 220x160, 200kg I Hängemattengestell 220kg Graphit, wetterfest (Pacific)


The hammock by Pinczo Outdoor with frame is perfectly suitable for two people due to the lying area of 220 x 160 cm (length x width) and a maximum load of 200 kg.

Thanks to the tools and instructions included, the assembly should not take more than 10 minutes, according to the manufacturer.

The hammock is made of pure cotton, it feels soft and is also very easy to care for. A long life of the hammock is guaranteed due to the dense, strengthened fabric on the edges.

An additional advantage are numerous cords that support the surface of the hammock, which increases your lying comfort.

The frame of the hammock is made of steel and is characterized by its lightness, high resilience and even weather resistance.

In addition to the hammock and the frame, a protective cover, extension ropes, screws and clear assembly instructions are also supplied.

You can choose one of five different colors when choosing the hammock.

The total weight of the hammock with the hammock stand is approx. 27 kg.

We like the hammock from Pinczo because of the high resilience and the material used. This waterproof hammock is therefore perfectly suitable for two people to leave everyday life behind and simply switch off.

Buyers also praised the material used and the well-written assembly instructions.


  • Suitable for two people
  • Water resistant
  • Selectable between different colors
  • High lying comfort


  • Not cheap


WOMA hammock with frame for 2 people
WOMA Hängematte mit Gestell in 3 Farben für 2 Personen - 160 x 241 cm Liegefläche - Hängematte Indoor & Outdoor aus 100% Baumwolle - Zertifiziert bis zu 200kg - Rot Gelb Orange gestreift


The hammock by WOMA is perfectly suitable for two people due to the large lying area of 240 x 160 cm (length x width) and a maximum load capacity of 200 kg.

Whether in the garden, in your room, while camping or anywhere else in nature – the hammock can be used anywhere.

The manufacturer advertises for easy assembly and disassembly of the hammock. The hammock is also rain and water resistant.

The material used was of high-quality manufacture and workmanship, because – the hammock is made of 100% breathable, fine-meshed cotton fabric, while the hammock stand is made of robust metal.

In addition to the hammock and the hammock stand, a carrying bag is also included. With a total weight of 13 kg, the hammock with the holder is easy to transport and lighter than hammocks from other manufacturers.

When buying the hammock, you can choose your favorite pattern between three different patterns and thus enjoy your leisure time without worries.

We like the hammock from WOMA due to the material used, but also the beautiful patterns of the hammocks are other plus points.

Buyers also praised other properties of the hammock, such as easy assembly and disassembly. The hammock is also waterproof and rainproof, which many buyers really liked.


  • Rain and waterproof
  • Made from high quality cotton
  • Perfect for two people
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Not always available


Vivere double cotton hammock with hammock frame
Vivere Doppel Baumwolle Hängematte mit Hängemattengestell 250 cm, Oase


Vivere’s hammock has a lying surface of approx. 210 x 150 cm (length x width) and a maximum load capacity of 204 kg. It is therefore suitable for both one person and two people.

Thanks to the easy-to-adjust hammock hooks, you can determine yourself at which height you want to stay.

The material used for the hammock is high quality cotton.

In addition to the hammock, a compact steel frame and a carrying bag are also included.

If you choose this hammock, you can choose one of many different colors and enjoy the sun’s rays in a calm atmosphere and leave your everyday cares behind.

We like the Vivere hammock because of the material used and the large lying surface, which can accommodate up to two people.

Buyers also praised the compact frame, which is included alongside the hammock and carrying case.


  • Compact frame
  • Hammock made from cotton
  • Up to two people


  • Not cheap


VITA5 hammock with frame
VITA5 Hängematte mit Gestell Outdoor, Bis zu 2 Personen / 200kg, 190 * 140, Entfernbarer Kopfkissen, Wetterfest UV-beständig (dunkelblau/dunkelgrün)


The hammock by VITA5 has a lying surface of 190 x 140 cm (length x width) and can be loaded up to 200 kg. This makes the hammock ideal for two people.

The above-average lying area provides extra comfort, but also the wide pillow with a soft pillow filling lets you forget the stressful everyday life, so that you can relax on the hammock.

The stylish and robust steel frame of the hammock is not only beautiful, it is also stable and safe. The stands made of powder-coated tubular steel offer you a stable and comfortable lying surface.

Furthermore, the frame is weatherproof and thanks to the included floor caps, you protect your floor from scratches.

You can assemble the hammock with frame without tools within minutes, all the necessary parts and assembly instructions are included.

The material used for the hammock is high-quality cotton. The material is UV-resistant, weatherproof and easy to care for. You can also wash this hammock in the washing machine.

Unfortunately, no bag for the frame is included in the delivery.

We like the VITA5 hammock because of the large lying area and the material used.

Buyers also praised the soft pillow filling, which guarantees a carefree time on the hammock after a stressful day.


  • Large lying area
  • Suitable for two people
  • High quality material


  • Not cheap


uyoyous sleeping bag hammock
uyoyous Schlafsack Hängematte, für Hängematten Aufhängung leichte Winterschlafsack, Verdickt Winddicht, mit tragbarem Packsack, für Camping, Backpacking, Hinterhof Outdoor-Schlaf-Getriebe - Grün


The hammock by uyoyous has a lying surface of 235 x 130 cm (length x width) and has a maximum load of 200 kg. This hammock is therefore ideal for one person, with a little squeeze it can also fit a second person.

The sleeping bag is filled with 200 g of cotton, so the warm and comfortably wrapped hammock is also ideal for use in winter.

The synthetic inner material is comfortable to lie on, while the robust outer material is water-repellent and breathable.

With a fly weight of just 860 g, you can take this hammock with you wherever you want, be it in the garden, while camping, hiking or trekking – with this hammock you can lie down anywhere and even curl up.

A compression sack is supplied with the hammock, which has a height of 35 cm and a diameter of 21 cm. So on your next hike or trip you can easily stow the sack in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go.

In addition to the hammock, a compression bag and two mini carabiners are included.

We like the hammock by uyoyous due to its light weight, but also the use in winter, thanks to the sleeping bag, is an important plus. So you can enjoy your rest in nature even on colder days.

Customers also praised the material used and the supplied compression bag, which you can use to easily stow and carry the hammock.


  • Can be used in winter
  • Light weight
  • Water-repellent and breathable


  • Not always available


slomock hammock beach towel
slomock Hängematte Strandtuch Picknickdecke Stranddecke | 100% Baumwolle PLASTIKFREI Klimaneutral, XXL 240 x 150 cm, max. 200kg


The slomock hammock has a lying area of 240 x 150 cm (length x width) and a maximum load of 200 kg. This makes this hammock perfect for one or two people.

The material used for this hammock is 100% cotton. The hammock is free of plastic, super soft and hand-colored.

Furthermore, the hammock is made from 100% manual work, the hammock is also very durable, renewable and easy to care for. You can wash them in the washing machine.

With a total weight of 1.2 kg, you can stow the hammock in any hand luggage after you have rolled it up. This makes the hammock ideal for taking away for your next trip, camping and other outdoor activities.

The manufacturer also states that in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects, two trees are planted for each hammock purchased. By buying this hammock you are doubly supporting nature, because the slomock hammock is completely free of plastic.

If you don’t feel like your hammock, you can also use the hammock comfortably as a beach and picnic blanket, but also as an awning or for yoga.

Overall, the hammock is supplied with a flat band, which protects the bark from trees and is easier to untie.

We like the slomock hammock because of its versatile use. So you can also use the hammock as a beach blanket when you are bored of lingering on the hammock.

Customers also praised the sustainability aspects of the hammock, after all, it is plastic-free and two trees are planted for every purchase.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Choose between several colors
  • Suitable for two people
  • Large lying area
  • 100% handmade


  • Not always available


summit sport
gipfelsport Ultralight hammock
gipfelsport Hängematte - Outdoor Reisehängematte mit Aufhängeset, 2xSeile, schwarz/Oliv


The gipfelsport hammock has a maximum load of 300 kilograms. It is therefore perfectly suitable for two people.

The material used was parachute fabric, which nestles comfortably on your body and thus increases lying comfort. The total weight of the hammock is just 500 g.

The hammock can thus be folded up small and compact, together with the supplied bag you can take your hammock with you almost anywhere.

Due to the small pack size, it finds a place on every trip or adventure.

Furthermore, two steel carabiners and a fastening are included. You can quickly and easily stretch the hammock between two trees.

The light parachute fabric makes the hammock ideal for hiking, trekking, traveling, in the garden or at home in your home.

We like the hammock from gipfelsport due to its high resilience, two people can easily lie on the hammock.

Buyers also praised the unbeatable price of the hammock, which is definitely below the cut of all hammocks.


  • Very inexpensive
  • High lying comfort
  • Very easy


  • Not always available


Guide: Buy the right hammock

What material should a hammock be made of?

Hammocks can be made from a variety of materials. Silk, cotton or parachute material are the most suitable.

If you would like to lie on a fluffy hammock, we recommend that you buy a cotton hammock. Cotton is very suitable for the production of a hammock and convinces due to the fluffy fibers.

Which hammock is best for children?

It’s a fact: children love hammocks!

If you have children or like to romp around with children, bring a portable hammock from BB Sport with you on your next trip to the park, the playground or wherever you want to take it with you. The kids will love playing in the hammock, and most likely taking a nap there too.

If you grew up with a hammock in your garden or you know someone who had a hammock in the garden, then you probably have fond memories of playing in the hammock with siblings or friends. A hammock and the feeling of being lifted off the floor simply has something that makes children infinitely curious and playful.

Most of these funny memories, however, are likely to be that a worried parent always keeps a watchful eye in the hammock and has constantly reminded you of how easily you fall out and injure yourself. Tangling and getting caught in the rope have certainly happened to you too.

Which hammock is best for sleeping?

Each hammock has different properties, so many hammocks are made of a particularly soft fabric, so lying in such a hammock feels all the more gentle and relaxed.

It is not possible to say exactly which hammock is best suited for you to sleep, after all everyone has their preferences.

Basically, we can speak from experience that hammocks made of particularly soft fabric are very comfortable for sleeping.

In addition, the hammock should be both very wide and very long, so that you can find space in it and maybe two of you can spend a romantic time.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the hammock answered

How do you attach a hammock to the tree?

If you’ve bought a hammock without a stand, you’re probably wondering how best to attach the hammock to a tree. Here’s a quick guide on how to easily attach your hammock to a tree and enjoy the sun:

  • Wrap your belt around the tree
  • Pass the end of the strap through the metal ring and tighten it
  • Pass the end of the strap through the hammock eyelet
  • Attach the carabiners to the end of the strap
  • Hook the snap hook onto the metal ring
  • Enjoy your hammock

How high should you hang a hammock?

A classic hammock should be about half the length of the hammock, roughly according to the rule of thumb, so the hammock can sag nicely, which it should definitely do.

The suspended hammock should then resemble a banana. In the case of a rod hammock, however, the height of the hammock should only be a quarter of the full length, and it should also be noted that when hanging the rod hammock, it must also hang tight.

How long should a hammock be?

A hammock should be at least 200 cm long so that you can lie on it without any problems.

If the hammock is shorter than 200 cm, it may happen that your whole body, depending on the size, cannot lie completely on it.

Therefore, when buying a hammock, pay attention to the length of the hammock, not the total length, because the total length can refer to the frame and the hammock together.

How wide should a hammock be?

If only you are supposed to lie on the hammock, a total width of 100 cm is sufficient.

If you want to buy a hammock for two, we recommend a minimum width of 140 cm, so that you have enough space for two and do not have to fight for the coveted hammock.

Which knot should I use on the hammock?

Hammocks will be a dream alternative to bed for those who want to experience a unique place to relax, sleep, read, camp or even sail.

Since hammocks are our bed replacement, it is important that they are of stable quality so that we are not afraid of falling on the floor as soon as we step on them.

Aside from the quality of the hammock materials, the way a hammock is tied to a base plays an important role in the overall safety of the hammock. No matter how durable a hammock is supposed to be, it can still find its way to solve itself.

So it’s definitely worth being able to tie a right knot. We recommend the so-called Palstek knot at this point.
This knot can be used as an extension of carabiners, rings or chain links of a hammock.

Does a hammock help against back pain?

In fact, people suffer from back pain after spending a long time on the hammock. But that’s because most people are stiff and firm in the hammock.

If you lie crosswise or diagonally and completely relaxed in the hammock, you do not have to worry about having back pain after lying on a hammock.

So correct hanging in a hammock helps very well against back pain. It is not for nothing that in many countries around the world, such as Colombia or Mexico, sleeping in a hammock is normal among the population.

To lie harder, depending on your taste, you have to stretch the hammock as tight as possible. Anyone who also has problems falling asleep in a hammock should be easy to rock, because a slight swing promotes falling asleep on a hammock.


Buying a hammock for the garden is definitely worthwhile. While lying in the hammock you not only forget your normal everyday life, all the stress is also relieved.

Time just feels relaxed and carefree when lying and lingering in a hammock. Depending on your taste, a suitable hammock can be found for every person and the time of dreams can begin.

In addition, two people can fit in a lot of hammocks at the same time, since not everyone has a hammock, romantics will certainly have found a pleasant retreat there.

We wish you a relaxed and carefree time in your new second bed!


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