You hike through nature, the sun shines. You have your heavy luggage strapped on your back and you go on for kilometers. It is only a matter of time before you become thirsty. At such a moment, you often long for a cool drink.
Even in ancient times, the Romans and Greeks enjoyed chilled drinks. At that time they still used double-walled vessels, with the outer, cooling vessel filled with cool water or ice. Nowadays this is a lot easier thanks to thermos bottles. They not only keep drinks cold, but warm drinks are also kept warm. At low temperatures it is a blessing that warms you up from the inside.Thermos can be seen everywhere, at school, in the university or at work. And these practical bottles are particularly suitable for camping trips or hikes, as they can keep drinks warm or cold for many hours. Today you can find them in different shapes and colors. In the following, we present 6 thermos bottles that particularly impressed us.

The 6 Best Thermos Bottles 2023

OMORC Trinkflasche Edelstahl, 1L BPA Frei Thermosflasche 14 Std Warmhalten & 28 Std Kühlen Trinkflasche, Auslaufsicher Wasserflasche Vakuum Isolierflasche mit Strohhalm, 2 Austauschbare Stecker


The OMORC Stainless Steel thermos bottle is very suitable for outdoor activities and excursions. This vacuum flask is also relatively light. It has a capacity of one liter and weighs about 510 grams. You can buy them in the colors blue, pink and black. This thermos bottle is made of medical grade stainless steel and is therefore particularly corrosion-resistant. A double-wall vacuum insulation is integrated, which keeps drinks warm for about 14 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Two interchangeable caps are included, both of which have a ring. Underneath is a cap with a straw, which allows you to drink without first removing the lid. The offer also includes a matching bag and a cleaning brush.

We were thrilled with the OMORC Stainless Steel thermos bottle. It delivers what it promises. Drinks stay hot or cold for hours and they also stay in the thermos. The exterior of the vacuum flask also looks very high quality. We were particularly impressed by the scope of the delivery. The straw cap saves frequent removal of the lid. The included bag is particularly suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking. It can be easily adjusted and tied to the backpack. With such a scale at such a price – just wow.


  • Large scope of delivery.
  • Pretty tough.
  • Good insulation.
  • Good tightness.


  • Parts of the paint may peel off over time.


TherMax Robust thermos bottle
Thermos TherMax Robuste Thermosflasche, 1,2 l, blau


The Thermos TherMax robust thermos bottle belongs to the Work series from Thermos. Robust stainless steel was also used here and double-walled vacuum insulation ensures that the contents are kept cold or warm for up to 24 hours. This thermos bottle can hold up to 1.2 l of liquid. To increase the life of this bottle, it is equipped with a rubber protection. There is also a handle on the side of the thermos.

This thermos bottle from the Work series convinced us above all because of its outstanding robustness. When camping and generally during outdoor activities, it is very practical to have a durable vacuum flask that can withstand a lot. We were also very happy with the handle. With the help of a carabiner, the bottle can easily be strapped to your luggage. It is also gratifying that the lid can also serve as a mug here.

The Thermos TherMax robust thermos bottle is slightly more expensive than the other vacuum bottles. However, if you attach great importance to a long lifespan, this could be the right choice for you.


  • Particularly robust.
  • Large capacity.
  • Handle.


  • A bit expensive.


Thermos Edelstahl-Thermosflasche 1,0 l, leicht und kompakt


The THERMOS Light & Compact thermos bottle completely convinced us. With a capacity of 1.0 and a weight of 499g is a compact vacuum flask. It is made of double-walled, impact-resistant and unbreakable stainless steel and the insulation technology from THERMOS. Drinks can be kept hot or cold with this bottle for up to 24 hours.

After unscrewing the lid, which also functions as a cup, the bottle can also be used with one hand. The automatic lock is easily opened with just one push. This can also be disassembled so that it can be cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning is generally very easy, also due to the dishwasher-safe material. The thermos bottle has no inner coating or plasticizer. It always closes and reliably seals. With the purchase of a THERMOS original you get a five-year guarantee.

The THERMOS Light & Compact is a classic among vacuum flasks. It reliably keeps drinks hot or cold. It is available in two variations, stainless steel and midnight blue. We find both versions particularly elegant. Since not every thermos bottle has a mug, we are of course happy about it. Especially when camping or hiking, an integrated cup is very convenient for us and also represents a sustainable use.
The vacuum flask is always robust and also easily keeps one or the other shock away.

With the midnight blue variant, however, it can happen that the outer color suffers over time and scratches can be recognized.


  • Compact.
  • Impact and break resistant.
  • Integrated cup.


  • Color can be damaged over time.


LOCK & LOCK Isolierkanne 1,5 Liter - NEW GIANT HOT TANK - Isolierflasche Edelstahl auslaufsicher - Thermo Warmhaltekanne für Kaffee, Tee & Kaltes - Anthrazit


The LOCK & LOCK vacuum jug is also convincing through and through. It is available in a dark gray and a golden pink. It holds a full 1.5 l and therefore has a relatively large capacity. Stainless steel was also processed here, which, in conjunction with a copper coating and vacuum insulation, conserves heat particularly well. The thermos bottle is also leakproof thanks to a stopper and easy to clean thanks to the large opening.

A mug is also included here. This even has a handle, just like the thermos bottle itself. This makes pouring out very convenient and comfortable. We also very much welcome the filling quantity of 1500 ml. On longer hikes, for example, it is very practical to have large amounts of drink with you. In addition, the locking insert can be removed and also cleaned thoroughly.

Note, however, that the bottle is slightly more expensive than the usual thermos.


  • Large capacity.
  • Good insulation.
  • Integrated cup.


  • A bit expensive.


THERMOS Stainless King Speisegefäß, Edelstahl mattiert, 0,71 Liter


THERMOS Stainless King can be used for drinks and, thanks to the generous opening, also for dishes. With a capacity of 0.71 liters and a weight of 408 grams, this copy is in terms of weight in the
Midfield. As we know it from THERMOS, an impact- and break-proof stainless steel was also used here.

The THERMOS insulation technology ensures that the hot stays hot for 14 hours and the cold stays cold for 24 hours. The Stainless King is closed by a twist lock, making it relatively easy to use. It is also easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher-safe material. Since this is also a THERMOS original, a 5-year guarantee is also included.

We think it’s great that you can also use the jar for food. So you can take a meal with you for the trip, which is also kept hot for up to 14 hours. The Stainless King is also relatively easy to empty with a normal tablespoon. In addition, it holds reliably tight and simple impacts cannot harm it.

Unfortunately, the 0.71 liter variant does not include a suitable spoon. This can only be found in the smaller version, which only contains 0.35 liters.


  • Generous opening.
  • Also suitable for meals.
  • Good tightness.


  • Relatively small capacity.


bellendo Edelstahl Isolierflasche klein 0,5 l - Kleine Design Isolierkanne Teeflasche 500ml - Kaffee und Tee to Go Flasche mit Teesieb, Gold


The BELLENDO stainless steel vacuum flask has a capacity of 500 ml and weighs about 330 g. It has a modern design, is mainly made of stainless steel and is therefore relatively robust and unbreakable. Thanks to vacuum insulation, the contents of the thermos bottle can be kept cold or warm for up to 24 hours. The twist lock, in conjunction with a silicone seal, protects the contents from leaking.

In addition to the thermos bottle, there is a tea strainer that can be easily used. You can fill it with loose tea and prepare fresh tea in this way. We therefore recommend this bottle to tea lovers in particular.

Unfortunately, the capacity of 500 ml is relatively low and note that the lid cannot be used as a cup.


  • Robust.
  • Tea strainer.
  • Very close.


  • Small capacity.


Advice: Buy the right thermos

The material

When buying thermos bottles, you should always pay attention to the processed material. You should keep your hands off plastic bottles. It is simply not so good for keeping the contents warm or cold. In addition, plastic, especially when exposed to temperature, is extremely susceptible to damage of any kind.

Stainless steel on the other hand is ideal for insulation and is also corrosion-resistant. Thermos bottles made of stainless steel are above all resistant and unbreakable. A property that we very much welcome for outdoor activities.

Every now and then you discover glass bottles. Compared to stainless steel, they insulate even better. Without additional protective materials, however, this is not such a practical solution, since glass unfortunately lags behind in terms of breakage resistance. And with such additional materials, the manufacturing costs are usually higher, which is usually reflected in the price.

The volume

It is very important to stay hydrated, especially during physically demanding activities such as hiking. Since such activities can last for hours, we recommend that you choose a capacity of about one liter. However, if you get a thermos bottle for a child, smaller bottles with a capacity of around 500 ml are suitable so that they do not become unnecessarily heavy.

The insulation

You buy a thermos for a very specific reason. Drinks should be kept warm or cold in them for as long as possible. So always consider the times how long the contents can be kept warm or cold. Cold can usually be maintained longer than heat.

The tightness

Thermoses have to be one thing above all – tight. The insulation performance is a basic function of every vacuum bottle. Long-term customer experiences are therefore particularly interesting. If some of them complain about possible leakage or the like with an insulated bottle, we would advise you against buying it. With regard to the tightness, the locking system should also be considered, as differences can be recognized here.

The locking system

The closure of a thermos bottle is relevant for several reasons. On the one hand, we are interested in handling an insulated bottle. If it is important to you to drink from the bottle very quickly and easily, it is better to grab one with a simple flap. With these specimens, however, it can occasionally leak. The same applies to the bottles, which are closed with a glass flask, since they rarely completely close the thermos bottle.

We are convinced of vacuum flasks with a screw cap. They usually hold tight and have another decisive advantage: they usually keep the contents warm or cold for longer. Only opening the bottle is minimally cumbersome because you have to unscrew the cap every time.

Frequently asked questions about thermos bottles answered

How do thermos work?

Thermos bottles usually consist of two bottles that are mirrored. These two are separated with a vacuum. So there is no air in this space. Why do you do that? Quite simply – a vacuum conducts significantly less heat than air.

In addition to this insulation, the mirroring also works. These surfaces reflect the heat radiation, so that the heat is kept inside longer. With cold beverages, these insulation techniques reduce the absorption of heat from the outside environment. That is why thermos bottles are often also mirrored on the outside.

How do you clean thermos bottles?

Many thermos bottles are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the vacuum flask every now and then.

Use baking soda and vinegar for this. Take a little vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda per 500 ml capacity and add it to the bottle with boiling water. Let them stand for up to five hours. Then empty them and scrub the inside. And don’t forget to rinse the thermos bottle thoroughly.

You should clean the thermos bottle particularly thoroughly if it contains dairy products. Bacteria multiply quite well in them and they could ferment

Don’t forget to also clean the cap and lid thoroughly. With some vacuum flasks, this can also be disassembled. Be careful, however, as damage to the locking system can also cause the contents to leak. And if you are not using the thermos bottle, always store it open.

What does BPA-free mean?

When buying thermos bottles, you will surely come across the abbreviation BPA, on vacuum flasks that are supposed to be BPA-free. BPA stands for bisphenol A. This is a chemical compound that mimics the hormone estrogen. It is often used in the manufacture of plastics.

BPA can be added to drinks in small quantities. If you drink this content now, the BPA gets into the organism and can intervene in your hormonal balance.

Did you know already?

Thermos and vacuum flasks

Colloquially, the term thermos bottle has become established. The manufacturer THERMOS gave its name. That is why the “thermos” from other manufacturers is actually called an insulating bottle.

Thermos – increase effectiveness

Did you know that you can keep the temperature of the contents longer by preheating or cooling the thermos flask beforehand?
To do this, fill the vacuum flask with hot or cold water beforehand and let it stand for 10 minutes. Then swap the water with the actual drink.


As we can see, thermos bottles are available in a wide variety of versions today. Thermos with different caps, tea strainers, handles and and and. Some are even suitable for food. The materials used can also change from bottle to bottle. Mostly, however, the precious metal is the preferred material.

So you should not rashly pick any vacuum flask. Think about what you need them for and what requirements you have personally, in order to then purchase a thermos bottle that is suitable for you.


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