The birth date would have been today

Hilaria Baldwin (36) had to deal with two miscarriages within one year, meanwhile she is pregnant again. Baldwin now dedicated emotional words to the child she lost in November 2019. On Instagram , she writes about a video that shows flowers blowing in the wind: “Today would have been your date of birth and we wanted to get to know you so much. I was afraid that this day would come – now it is there and I will be strong. ”She continues to write to her unborn child that she is always loved and that she thinks of it every day. "Mommy loves you, my sweet girl."

Hilaria and her husband, actor Alec Baldwin (62, "If love were that easy") are expecting baby number five at the moment. The couple, who have been together since 2011 and married since 2012, already have children Carmen (6), Rafael (4), Leonardo (3) and Romeo (soon 2). Everything seems to be going well in her current pregnancy. On Instagram, she wrote that "with this little dwarf everything is fine and everything is healthy."

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