He would have turned 76 today

Daniela Katzenbergers (33) father-in-law, Costa Cordalis, would have been 76 years old today (May 1st). On this occasion, the TV star (“Mummy being for advanced”) dedicates loving lines to her “angel” on Instagram and shares pictures and a video of herself, her daughter Sophia and her grandfather.

One of the photos shows the pop singer on his last birthday, says Katzenberger. “Damn, you’re just missing! With tears in my eyes, I look at this picture of your last birthday … ”, she writes and reports on the birthday party last year. “You were so weak and still laughed with us, had no appetite and still ate a piece of cake for love. And how many times I would have loved to make your semolina porridge that you loved so much with a lot of cinnamon, ”she reminisces.

Even after his death, he was still “very close to our hearts”. Especially the 4 year old Sophia miss and love him very much. “I wish she would have had you by her side for a very long time.” A video shows how Katzenberger explains to her daughter that her grandpa is now sitting on a cloud and taking care of her, whereupon Sophia says “But I want him again goes down “.

Sophia is the daughter of Katzenberger and her husband Lucas Cordalis (52), the son of pop star Costa Cordalis, who died in 2019.

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