Capital: € 3 million
Age: 58
Born: January 15, 1962
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Moderator, TV cook
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Horst Lichter is a German moderator and TV chef, occasionally appearing as an entertainer.

Early life

Horst Lichter was born on January 15, 1962 as the son of the miner Anton Lichter and his wife Margret. Heikamp. He grew up in the Rhenish lignite district, in the Rommerskirchen district of Gill. At the age of fourteen he started a three-year apprenticeship as a cook. He chose this profession because he combined positive experiences and associations with eating together at the table. Over time, he was disappointed with the tone in the kitchen and the focus on sales and profit. After a few stops in Cologne and Mönchengladbach, where he worked as a young chef, he began, like his father, as a worker in a briquette factory. He married at the age of 19; buying a house made him financially difficult. At 26, he suffered a first stroke, two years later the second, in connection with a heart attack. In the subsequent rehabilitation measure, he came to the firm decision to change his life decisively. From his first marriage, Lichter has two children, a son and a daughter, and a third child from this marriage died as an infant. A daughter comes from another relationship. Today Horst Lichter is married again, he lives with his wife Nada in Badenweiler


In January 1990, after his recovery, Horst opened a restaurant. This location is a former dance hall and former garage in Rommerskirchen, Butzheim district. In addition, he continues to work full time in the briquette factory. The restaurant is becoming increasingly popular and was converted into the “Oldiethek” restaurant in 1995. The object was characterized by Horst Lichter’s passion for collecting, motorcycles, antiques and cars as well as junk and kitsch were on display. The food was prepared by Horst himself in front of the guests on a Flemish coal stove. Lichter made recommendations for menus, there was no menu. Since Mr. Lichter increasingly pursued other activities, he himself could no longer cook regularly in the restaurant. The restaurant was closed at the end of 2010.

Career highlights

Horst Lichter came into contact with television for the first time when he produced a report about his restaurant on Westdeutscher Rundfunk. He became known beyond the region for his appearances with Johannes B. Kerner. First in his cooking show on Friday, later in the follow-up show “Lanz kocht”, which was broadcast on ZDF, you could see Mr. Lichter regularly.

From 2006 to 2017, he hosted the ZDF program “Lafer, Lichter, lecker” together with his TV partner Johann Lafer. They both performed together with guests and celebrities. In 2008, ZDF started the “kitchen battle”, in which Horst Lichter appeared as a jury member and moderator. In addition to other presentations for ZDF, he started the “Lichters Schnitzeljagd” series in March 2012. With his motorcycle team, he was in North Rhine-Westphalia and met people there, cooking their favorite dishes together with them. In the meantime Horst Lichter is well known, through his television program “Bares for Rares”, which he has been moderating since 2013, broadcast on ZDF or ZDF Neo. From 2007 to 2019, Horst Lichter repeatedly received awards of various types, such as “Golden Schlemmer-Duck”, “Beard of the Year” or “Pipe Smoker of the Year”.

Another stage in his career was the moderation of the largest grill show in Halle (Westphalia), where the best grill team was sought. This was carried out again in 2014, in the same year Horst was awarded the “Golden Camera” by “Hörzu” magazine for “Best TV Cook”. The first broadcast of “Koch im Ohr” took place in October 2016, where Lights again acted as moderator. 15 episodes were produced and also broadcast.

Famous quotes

“What you don’t know won’t go away.”

“If I drink tea voluntarily, I feel like shit.”

“A man is only likely to become a father at the age of 40. Only then will he understand what responsibility he has with it. ”

“I’m not a virtuoso like Alfons Schuhbeck, Johann Lafer or Tim Mälzer, I can only cook deliciously.”

“I am a kitchen clown. I wanted to be a clown since I was a kid because I like to make people laugh. ”

Success tips

Horst Lichter doesn’t really have any tips on how the path to success can look like. Everyone has to collect and grow their own experiences in life. Life holds strokes of fate that everyone has to master. These experiences shape, but you can also build something out of precipitation and stones that are in your way and achieve success. Once a year he takes a break of several weeks, in which he pursues his hobbies and takes time for Ms. Nada motorcycle tours and the maintenance of his vintage cars are among his favorite things


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