Hospital in Wuhan, back to the previous mode of operation



Hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan, converted into medical facilities to treat patients with the coronavirus, has returned to its former mode of operation. More than 60 medical organizations have already restored the activity, RIA Novosti reported.

“with the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country more and more specialized hospitals complete this task on the treatment and gradually return to the usual order of rendering of medical aid”, – said the representative of the office of medical policy, public health Committee of China, Jiao Ahua.

currently, 60 hospitals have restored the ambulatory reception of patients. 53 institutes emergency service.

it is Noted that the medical organizations organized 26.5 thousand bed-places, almost half of which is already occupied.

Earlier it was reported that zabolevaemosti coronavirus in China began to decline. March 25, there have abolished quarantine in Hubei province. In Wuhan, where and began to spread the virus, the restrictions are going to remove 8 April.

In China, the coronavirus is going down.