The engagement of Michael Wendler and Laura Müller is just official and Laura has already found the opportunity to do a lucrative business on this occasion. Because the enterprising Laura already has an interesting deal – she sells her wedding ring!

Finally the time has come. Laura Müller (19) and Michael Wendler (47), Germany’s polemical couple, which is in the headlines of the tabloid press almost every day, has now officially got engaged. And the two lovebirds also want to make a financial profit from this campaign. According to the Bild newspaper, the couple’s wedding is to be accompanied exclusively by the cameras of the RTL television station. But you can also earn quick money with other things. Only a short time after the official engagement you can buy a replica of the engagement ring that Michael bought from his Laura.

As an influencer, Laura has a large number of subscribers on Instagram. For young Laura, this is without a doubt the best place to show her fans the engagement ring that Michael Wendler bought her. In line with the photo of the ring, Laura writes on Instagram:

“The secret of my engagement ring has finally been revealed. This ring is made of white gold and has over one and a half carats of diamond. ”And with this ring Laura is very happy. For the influencer, without a doubt the most beautiful ring she has ever seen. And certainly not cheap, because the price should have been several thousand euros. And because not everyone can afford such a great piece of jewelry, Laura now has an absolute special offer for her fans. Because now everyone can really buy a copy of their engagement ring. Thanks to a deal between Laura Müller and a wedding ring company.

Once again, the enterprising Laura shows that she knows exactly how to make money. Now she advertises the replica of her engagement ring on her Instagram channel. Instead of a diamond there is a gem and instead of white gold the copy is made of silver. This can of course save a lot.

“It looks exactly like this, but it is not the same. We have created a cost-effective version for you, ”the 19-year-old fiancé of Wendler praises the imitation on her Instagram account.

Therefore, the couple’s fans can now buy this great ring for exactly 59 euros. Until the wedding, which is supposed to take place in the US metropolis Las Vegas, there are definitely some things that Laura can sell on Instagram.


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