Isolated themselves in a luxurious European hotel the king of Thailand has been criticized

“the Hotel had received from us the exclusive permission, – told the publication Spiegel, the representative of the district administration Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Because of its current guests – it is a single homogeneous group of people without symptoms of the disease”.

He also noted that at the moment the hotel is not available for booking.

it is Known that in this way the eccentric Thai monarch to have isolated themselves from the coronavirus. He bought all the rooms of a four star hotel and is there a quarantine period, with dozens of concubines.

in addition, according to Spiegel, Maha Vajiralongkorn, who has already spent a lot of time in Bavaria, in the past also owned a house in Tutzing at lake Starnberger (in the media claim that it costs $12 million).

as soon As information about this time the king was leaked to the media, some Thais immediately took up arms against their monarch. They even created a Twitter hashtag, which translated from Thai means: “Why do we need a king?”. Using it published more than a million of posts on social networks.

the locals just could not remain silent and expressed his indignation that the king threw the people in a really difficult time. Despite the fact that under the law of insulting the monarchy is punishable by actual imprisonment (15 years imprisonment), people still do not stop and continue to write angry comments about a careless ruler.

a Powerful wave of criticism, obviously, made the responsible Minister to publish in Twitter warning to citizens not to violate the laws governing their rights on the Internet. This call was accompanied by a picture of hands in handcuffs over the keyboard.

attention to the whereabouts of the king chained at precisely the moment when the situation around a dangerous infection in Thailand has started to deteriorate. The first case of the virus in the country was registered in January. This was followed by only a slight increase in the number of cases. But now, according to the Univeritea Johns Hopkins, in the state in Southeast Asia was already more than 1,200 cases Covid-19. It is reported that at least six people died from the effects of this disease.

Maha Vajiralongkorn is the tenth king of Thailand of the Chakri dynasty, proclaimed on 1 December 2016. He also bears the name of Rama X. In may 2019 loving ruler married for the fourth time at the head of his personal guard Suthida. He has seven children from previous marriages. His youngest son, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, who is now studying at one of the schools of Bavaria, is considered the main heir to the throne.