What is Justin Bieber’s fortune? The pop singer’s credit for the release of his new album – you will hardly believe it!

From hotel slippers to proactive advertising: This is how the Biebs earned their money:

Justin Bieber definitely doesn’t have to apologize for his reported net worth that he has accumulated since he was 14. Bieber was discovered by his current manager Scooter Braun and Usher when he was 14 after posting YouTube covers that were very popular with teenagers on the Internet and created a generation of fans.

What is Justin Bieber’s current fortune?

Justin Bieber’s net worth is reportedly $ 265 million, with the money being raised through album sales, sold-out tour dates, lucrative sponsorship money and his hugely successful launch on YouTube, and now through his YT series.

Where does Justin Bieber’s wealth come from?

Biebs has created many great hits over the years, from “What Do You Mean?” To his latest album “Yummy”. He has released five albums and 29 singles. In 2014, a young Justin Bieber made it onto the Forbes list of high-earning celebrities under 30, where he grossed an estimated $ 80 million that year, with much of the money coming from his world tour. In 2017, he made it back to the list with $ 83.5 million.

Big increase in wealth through the tours!

According to Forbes, the “baby” singer’s first tour, My World, brought in $ 53.3 million in entrance fees, his second, Believe, led to a reported $ 69.9 million. His purpose tour of 154 concerts in 2017 brought in big bucks (despite a last minute cancellation due to “unforeseen circumstances”) and, according to Billboard, earned him $ 250 million in ticket sales.

Even individual hits made huge money for Justin!

And if you have forgotten Bieber fever, you can help your memory with a new edition of Justin Bieber’s instant classic: Never Say Never. Never Say Never opened for a whopping $ 29.5 million in North America on its release and ended up making $ 73 million.

Music and hotel slippers!

Nowadays, he focuses on the release of new music, as well as his Drewhouse brand, which is known for its $ 5 hotel slippers. But, Justin Bieber also makes money on social media to increase his wealth!

What kind of sponsored content does Justin Bieber do?

A lot of Bieber money comes from the content sponsored by Instagram. The brands he has worked with include Calvin Klein, Proactiv, Beats by Dre, Adidas and Best Buy, among many, many others. It’s unclear how much Biebs made when he stripped Calvin Klein down to his underwear, but he ended up helping the brand because CK earned $ 723 million shirtless after his ads. Calvin Klein also sponsored his purpose tour. He and his background dancer wore the brand’s famous underwear, and his campaign ran before the show and between sets. CK even sold its own merchandise at certain venues. He had a good relationship with the brand – he and his wife posed together for the brand in October 2019.

How does Justin Bieber spend his money?

Biebs spends his money on luxury goods, his wife Hailey and a whole range of exotic animals as well as on houses across the country. Biebs bought his wife a ring that is said to be worth $ 500,000. He also spent a lot of money on their lavish South Carolina wedding. At this wedding, he wore a $ 25,000 grill and a $ 50,000 grill (a “mouthguard” made of gold and diamonds – note the editor). And of course, who could forget his short-lived monkey? It is unclear how much exactly said monkey cost, but exposing it to Germany was an expensive undertaking. Biebs had to pay just over $ 10,000 to cover the monkey’s cost of living.


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