Capital: € 3 million
Age: 79
Born: 02/01/1941
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Singer, actor
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

The East Frisian artist Karl Bernhard Dall knows how to make his audience laugh in his rough, humorous way like no other. With his pointed Low German humor, he gives comedies, television programs and songs a very special flavor. The comedian and actor Karl Dall is unmistakably recognizable by his drooping eyelid. Even after half a century in show business, the cult comedian makes his audience laugh and fills the playhouses to the last seat.

Early life

The special East Frisian saying was already put into Karl Dall’s cradle. He was born in 1941 in Emden, the largest city in East Frisia, to two pedagogues. After he left school early and finished training as a typesetter, the young Karl Dall went to television. He took on a few extra roles and made the first important friendships in show business.


In “Winnetou Part 1” he demonstrated his acting performance for the first time in front of the camera. Further cinema roles followed and together with three allied comedians Karl Dall founded the music group “Insterburg and Co.” in 1967. In the same year, the 26-year-old humorous East Frisian created the cult television show “Musikladen” for the radio station Bremen.

From then on, the career of the young comedian continued to rise. He successfully starred in over ten German feature films and conquered further parts of the German television program in the 1980s. Due to its innate, distinctive characteristic, the hanging eyelid and its Low German humor, the funny East Frisian quickly became known and popular with the audience.

In the 80s, his prank calls were the highlight of the show “Do you understand fun?”. He also hosted several of his own talk shows, where he felt prominent guests with his well-known coarse humor.

Parallel to his television career, Karl Dall stood on stage, sometimes solo, sometimes side by side with other great comedians like Mike Krüger, and made his audience laugh.

Musically he liked to push himself. He filled large concert halls with his band “Insterburg and Co” and delighted the audience with his musical parodies, in which he never took a leaf out of his mouth. In a special musical project, Karl Dall showed himself from his other side and published an album with Hamburg sailor songs, which he had set to new music.

Career highlights

The first major highlight and milestone in his half-century career was his involvement in the show “Do you understand fun?”. His legendary prank calls made him known nationwide and he quickly became popular with viewers because of his striking jokes and his direct manner.

On the acting side, “Sunshine Reggae on Ibiza” became the most successful film in which Karl Dall played. His talk show “Dall-As” attracted millions of viewers to the television sets.

Music titles such as “Today I’m pouring myself” or “This disc is a hit” ran for weeks in the German hit parade and were repeatedly performed by Karl Dall in front of an enthusiastic audience accompanied by his long-time colleague Insterburg. He sold hundreds of thousands of records and made countless tours sold out.

In show business, the entertainer has developed into a firm brand over the years and has received the Honorary Comedy Award for his life’s work.

After more than fifty years as a singer, entertainer and actor in show business, Karl Dall published his autobiography “Eye to and through”.

Famous quotes

“For me, an intellectual is someone who can sleep late in the morning, doesn’t have to work physically and doesn’t have to buckle in front of a boss. In this sense, I am also an intellectual. ”

“Hello, here’s Karl Dall’s connection. If you have something to say, speak after the beep. If you have nothing to say, leave a beep. ”

Amazing facts

In addition to the fact that Karl Dall has congenital eyelid muscle weakness in one eye, he suffers from another physical limitation: his right arm is not fully functional after falling as a baby. Nevertheless, he dared and competed together with the German tennis legend Steffi Graf in a fun double against Sabatini and the footballer Stefan Kuntz on the tennis court.


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