Capital: € 110 million
Age: 43
Born: 03/02/1977
Country of origin: Great Britain
Source of wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Chris Martin is a British composer, musician and front singer of the band “Coldplay”.

Early life

Christopher Anthony John Martin was born in Devon, England, to Anthony Martin, an accountant, and Alison, a music teacher. There he grew up with four younger siblings and was raised in the Catholic faith. Martin developed a great interest in music while still at school. During this time he founded his first band “The Rocking Honkies”. After school, Martin studied ancient history, Greek and Latin at University College in London. He also worked as a sign painter. In 1996 he met Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion at college, with whom he founded the successful band “Coldplay” a little later.


Chris Martin founded the band “Coldplay” with his college friends. He not only acts as the lead singer of the band, but also plays the piano and guitar. Many of the band’s songs come from Chris Martin’s pen. The band’s breakthrough came in 2002 with their first album “Parachutes”. Further successful recordings of the band followed. The most famous hits from “Coldplay” are “Viva la Vida”, “Paradise”, “The Scientist” and “A Sky Full of Stars”. Martin also composes for other artists, such as for the band “The Streets” and the singer “Avicii”. He also supported the American rapper Jay-Z on his comeback and composed some hip-hop songs with him.

Career highlights

The first album “Parachutes” was extremely successful commercially and was also highly praised by music critics. The album stayed in the British top ten charts for 33 weeks. In 2001 “Coldplay” for the recordings received the renowned “Grammy Award” for the best album for alternative music. This was followed by records like “X + Y” and “Mylo Xyloto”, which not only made it into the charts in Great Britain, but in many other countries around the world. Coldplay has sold 85 million records so far, making Chris Martin one of the UK’s most successful musicians. In 2016 “Coldplay” was given the honor of appearing on the popular Superbowl’s halftime show. Shortly afterwards the band went on a world tour and performed on five continents: The 114 concerts were all sold out.

Famous quotes

“Life is beautiful in all its colors, even the dark ones, because they are there for a reason.”

“Coldplay fans are the best in the world. If you like Coldplay, you are obviously very intelligent and look good and are brilliant all round. ”

“To be absolutely honest, I’m so happy to be alive every day.”

“Recordings sold don’t really mean anything. For us, the pressure, the idea that a 15 year old kid in Cincinnati buys our album and doesn’t feel like he’s wasted his pocket money. ”

“I often dream of other musicians. But they are not interested in hanging out with us. It’s like being in school where the big boys don’t want to play with you. ”

“I’m just an ordinary school boy. I have a degree. I come from a middle class family in Devon. I don’t have a story. ”

“If a few companies were less greedy, the people below would have significantly more.”

“I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I don’t smoke.”

Amazing facts

From 2003 to 2016, Chris Martin was married to the Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The marriage gave birth to two children. The musician is socially involved. He supports Oxfam – a development aid organization – the “Make-Poverty History” campaign, which works against poverty, and is committed to the purchase of fair trade products. Rather unusual for a rock band: Martin and his band mates speak out against drugs. According to the band’s rules, drug use leads to exclusion from this. According to his own statements, he draws his energy from yoga, surfing and a predominantly vegetarian diet.


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