Capital: € 5 million
Age: 35
Born: 07.09.1984
Country of origin: Friedrichshafen
Source of wealth: Rapper, box promoter
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Kay One, real name Kenneth Glöckler is a German rapper and boxing promoter. He became well known through a public dispute with his former best friend and rapper, Bushido, and through his participation as a juror in the RTL casting show DSDS. In addition to his actual career, Kay One also works as an advertising medium and testimonial.

Early life

Kay One grew up as Kenneth Glöckler in middle class with two brothers in Ravensburg on Lake Constance. Through his older brother, Kay One started rapping at the age of thirteen. He quickly became so enthusiastic about this passion that he took part in numerous battles in his early years and finally, at the age of only 16, won the largest competition of this kind in Germany, the “Royal Rumble” in Stuttgart. This gave him a name in the scene, which earned him his first record deal with the Kool Savas label just a year later.

However, the collaboration ended after only a few years and he joined the Eko Fresh label. But here, too, the hoped-for success failed to materialize, so that Kay moved back to Lake Constance and the career was already threatening to fail. A chance encounter with Bushido at a 2006 party should change everything. Kay became friends with the rapper, who was already very successful at the time, and was then signed on by his label “ersguterjunge”.

The career was picking up speed very quickly and soon Kay could be heard on various tracks and released several very successful albums under his new label and was also well booked for appearances. However, the collaboration ended in 2012 and the two former friends split up in a bitter dispute.


The career of Kay One has had many setbacks for the rapper, but has nonetheless been consistently upwards.
Since his engagement at “ersguterjunge” at the latest, Kay has become an integral part of the German rap scene. His first three albums all landed directly in the top ten of the charts and his first album after the end of the collaboration with Bushido even reached number one in Germany. To date, every album has been a huge success. His single “Señorita” in collaboration with Pietro Lombardi also reached the top position and stayed in the charts for 44 weeks. In addition to his career as a rapper, Kay One has also been working as a boxing promoter for heavyweight boxer Manuel Charr since 2014. In the same year he also took a position on the jury of the RTL show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. This was followed by her own dating show on RTL2. Furthermore, Kay One is also active as an advertising medium for various companies. Among other things, he has already promoted his own jewelry collection. The best-known product is probably the “Moloko” lifestyle drink. This is placed in almost every song and video.

Career highlights

2001: Victory in the rap battle “Royal Rumble”
2007: Change to “ersguterjunge” and cooperation with Bushido
2013: 1st place for his album “Rich Kidz”
2014: juror at the RTL show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”
2017: 1st place for the single “Señorita” with Pietro Lombardi


“In my opinion, you can only be proud of what you have built with your own hands. When I look back on my career, I can say that I really did everything myself. ”

“I never let myself get caught by people who doubted my talent.”

“Friendship means that you don’t just lie on deck together on sunny days.”

“Loyalty, reliability, honesty. These are the most important values. Everything else comes and goes. ”

“People like P. Diddy or Kanye West. These are people who didn’t just do rap. They simply left their division and also make fashion or vodka, for example. I wouldn’t compare myself to either of them, but they are people who motivate me a lot with their business moves. ”

It becomes clear that despite its success, Kay One is neither withdrawn nor full. He keeps working and sets new and bigger goals. At the same time, values such as loyalty and honesty are important to him. Virtues that are unfortunately not common in show business.

Amazing facts

Not surprisingly, Kay One is a great lover of high-quality car brands such as Mercedes and Lamborghini. He even dedicated his own song to the AMG models from Mercedes. Today, he says he always owns about five vehicles at the same time.

Kay is a big fan of Dieter Bohlen. In 2014, he also sat with him on the DSDS jury. To this day, the two superstars have had a close friendship and Kay now sees Bohlen as a fatherly mentor. Therefore, he also covered the plank hit “Brother Louie” and turned it into a modern song with the title “Louis Louis” based on the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, for which he seems to have a great weakness.


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