Capital: € 1.5 million
Age: 32
Born: January 26, 1988
Country of origin: Turkey
Source of wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

The Turkish-born rapper KC Rebell was born under the real name Hüseyin Kökseçen in the Kurdish part of Turkey.

He currently lives in Stuttgart with his wife and child. KC Rebell got a lot of attention in Germany especially through his song “sind du Real”. However, he has not been an unknown name in the hip-hop scene for years. However, many are not aware that KC Rebell is also active in the shisha business and not only operates a shisha bar, but also produces its own tobacco brand.

Early life

KC Rebell comes from a Kurdish family and was born in southern Turkey. At the age of seven he moved to Germany with his parents. Hüseyin grew up in Magdeburg and became a victim of radical right-wing attacks due to his origins. After learning the German language, he was a good student. When Huseyin was 13 years old, his family moved to Essen. In his youth, KC Rebell was a talented soccer player. There he met the soccer player Mesut Özil, who later became very successful. The two are still friends today. However, Huseyin’s football career ended up attacking a referee who, he said, allegedly insulted him. This resulted in a long lockout period and precluded a professional career.

During his time in Essen, KC Rebell met the rapper PA Sports. The two founded the hip-hop combo SAW, which stands for “black on white” and released the first mix tapes. The first tours through Germany followed. It created, among other things, an album by the combo, in 2009, entitled “Children of Wrath”. In 2011, KC Rebell separated from SAW to advance his solo career. With the record label Life IS Pain he released his debut album “Derdo Derdo”, which means “problems, problems” in German.


In 2012 followed his first solo album, the album “Rebellismus”, which was a charter success for the first time. In the spring of 2013, KC Rebell announced that it would switch to the label Banger Musik, the famous rapper Farid Bang. The album “Banger rebellieren” was released in the year of the signing. The following year, KC Rebell toured Germany with the label.

The second album “Rebellution”, which was released by Banger Musik, reached number one on the album charts in Germany. This was also followed by a tour of Germany.

In 2015 “Fata Morgana” was released, with the particularly successful single release “Bist du real” feat. Moé. Shortly after, another gold album followed, “Distance”, under the label of Farid Bang. After a dispute with the rapper Xatar, who claimed that KC Rebell had wanted to join his label, he released the Disstrack Dizz there. After the dispute ended in 2017, KC Rebell removed the song from the YouTube video platform.

Another number one album followed with “Maximum”, a collaboration with the musician Summer Cem. Throughout his career, KC Rebell founded his own label “Rebell Army”. In 2019, he released the Hasso album, dedicated to his father.

KC Rebell has not only built his career and wealth on rap music. He runs three shisha bars under the name “Rebell Lounge” in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Cologne. The Turkish-born rapper recognized that hookah smoking was very trendy and was able to create a good basis for his success in this business. In his own shops he also sells all the necessary accessories for smoking shisha and his own tobacco.

He sells this under the name “Hasso Tobacco”. There are different types. The tobacco, which is produced in Poland in his own factory, provides him with another source of income. But that’s not all. KC Rebell focuses on versatility. In 2017 he opened his own hairdressing shop “WerdFrisch” in Mannheim.

Career highlights

In 2015 KC Rebell won the award for the best national video for “Fata Morgana” feat. Win Xavier Naidoo. He was also able to place four of his albums, “Rebellution”, “Fata Morgana”, “Distance” and “Hasso” as number one albums in the charts. He received gold for “Distance” and “Fata Morgana”.

Famous quotes

“I can say that everything you experience makes you grow up. And if you experience a lot, you will grow up quickly. ”

“That is the privilege you have when you are successful with what you enjoy: you like to get up early for it.”

“I don’t want to give up everything in my life, just the things that are valuable to others.”

“Traveling is definitely my kind of distance.”

“KC Rebell is like a guarantee of quality.”

“Aging has a good thing: you get wiser. You experience a lot and if you stumble once or twice, you walk the path sensibly. ”

Amazing facts

As a teenager, KC Rebell was repeatedly victim of extreme right-wing violence. He lived in an asylum center for several years.

KC Rebell played football with Mesut Özil in Essen.

He runs a hair salon.

KC Rebell is friends with Kool Savas. The two even have some songs in common on their albums.


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